Traditional holiday

If you are a follower of family traditions, mark your birthday at home. To do this, invite your closest friends and relatives. An elaborate guest list will help to avoid unnecessary offense.
Consider the size of your apartment. Too a large number of guests being uncomfortable during the event.

Prepare your favorite foods. Arrange a gastronomic feast not only for the invited, but also for themselves. For dessert, consider a cake decorated with a candle in the form of the number 25. When blowing out the candles make a wish.

Anniversary, held in the form of home meal, will allow you to see the most welcome guests. In addition, you will be able to communicate mentally, read the latest news about each other. Sitting at the table, guests take turns to read their greetings.

Creative approach

If you are energetic and full of ideas, spend your anniversary noisy and fun. Think of entertainment, which would be participated by all the guests. The program will include a large number of competitions and games. Provide small gifts. They will remind your guests on the occasion.
Order photos and video of your holiday. It will help to keep in memory important day for you.

Select the place for holding the twenty-five years. It may be special to you the place you wanted to go for many years. For example, gather your guests on the shore of a lake or sea. This trip the whole company will be remembered for years to come. In addition, this will allow you to relax together.

Arrange in honor of their anniversary, rock the party. It can be done in a cozy cafe. Let all the guests wear the appropriate attributes. Invite a group of musicians that will play your favorite songs. Among friends, select a leading. This party will be a bright event in your life.
To spend the anniversary in the form of any themed parties. A good option would be the evening in the style of "Chanson", "nostalgia" or "USSR". Prerequisite – compliance of appearance of the guests stated theme.

If you plan to invite a small number of guests, book a sauna. It will not only mark your day of birth, but also to relax. Felt hats with funny slogans will add fun. Also arrange a contest for the most fun movement in the sheets. Accompany the action of a variety of music that gives you a lot of positive emotions.