Think about those rites and rituals that you can spend this special and memorable day. Start the morning with a kiss. It will remind you of your wedding day. Not getting out of bed, I must kiss the spouse, and the longer the kiss would last, the happier and longer life together in the future. This ancient superstition is called "first kiss."
Then, on the same day at dawn, you can perform another ritual. In the old days wife early in the morning went to the river, poured from the silver pitcher of water, pouring out of him, and helped each other to wash. In modern conditions the water can take from the tap, most importantly, find a silver jug. First wife washed three times my husband and I wiped it with a linen towel, then husband was doing the same thing. Each bath has its own value.

The first washing removes years and younger spouses in the quarter, the second wash with wash endured the hardships and sorrows, and the water carries them along. Washing your face a third time, the husband and wife meet a new life. After the ceremony a pitcher put up in the yard or balcony to complete evaporation of water, which symbolizes the departure from them in the future of all sorrows. The faster the water will evaporate, the life will be freer and happier.
Following the tradition, we invite the parents in advance. In the old days the rite of washing the ends with their arrival. They check dry if the water in the jug and a towel, and only then bless the young. If the water has dried, they will have to wait. To avoid this, the spouses must get up early and perform the ritual of washing at dawn.
Exchange silver rings as the first day of living together. This is the most important, significant and beautiful ritual of the day. The ceremony can be arranged at home, in the restaurant and even in the registry office. The bride wears a fancy dress, and white wedding. This rite must be those witnesses who attended the marriage. They will confirm your love again.
Try to hold a ceremony at noon when the sun stands in the Zenith. And if the triumph it shines, it means that your feelings haven't faded over such a long period.
If you wish, you can invite the Holy father. This rite in old times was done by the priest, again crowning of the spouses. But if you are still in the Church are not married, the silver wedding is the best suited for this purpose.
Exchanging gold rings on a silver, you take first in 25 years and you should keep, as well as his love before the celebration of the Golden wedding, where once again they will exchange.
According to modern trends which came into use not so long ago, the husband and wife can wear over gold rings silver. But this new trend is very criticized by the older generation.
If the anniversary were held at home before removing the dishes from the table, you have to arrange a tea party for uncleared table. Remember today is a solemn day last year, build plans for the future. And now you can start cleaning. And the husband definitely needs to help his wife, thus showing their respect and care.
Do not limit yourself to only the above described rituals. Presentation of colors is the main tradition. Husband in the morning to congratulate her and give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. This can be a gorgeous rose or a small wild Daisy that loves the bride.
Be sure to invite the same guests who attended the wedding. Send the invitation at least 25 days before the main event. It is believed that on the silver triumph must be no less than 25 people, but can be more.
Treat guests with various dishes. 25 years ago at the wedding anniversary should be without a loaf or cake that the couple cut together again. Keep in mind that all guests should receive the piece that each of them shared with you your happiness! Do not forget about the champagne – this bubbly drink is always offered the first toast.
Make for yourself a gift - invite a master of ceremonies, if you want to get maximum enjoyment and minimum problems.