Advice from traditional fantasy

Best to start with the basics. In this respect, the trilogy "the Lord of the Rings" George.R.R. Tolkien may be the best option. However, to fall in love with the charm of this unhurried epic story, you need to read it at a certain age. Approximately between the ages of fourteen and twenty years. It is very important to choose a good translation, tune in and read all three volumes in one go. These books are highly recommended philologists and linguists, for whom they can become a real pleasure.
A list of Russian authors working in the genre of fantasy, is quite large. To distinguish among the whole mass is Andrew Valentine and Oleg Ladyzhensky with Dmitry Gromov. Recent work under the pseudonym Henry lion oldie.

If we talk about less than classic books in this genre, not to mention talented Megan Lindholm, which has created an unusual world in the novel "Sing with the wind", which is not faced absolute evil with absolute good, but howling in the same area two justice. Very interesting, sharp story line, devoid of the traditional clichés and stamps. This story reads well as adults, for kids it will be too painful, unpleasant and incomprehensible.

Touching on the theme of complex and challenging stories, it is necessary to say a few words about George Martin. In recent years, his epic series of novels, which opens the book "a Song of Ice and fire", has become virtually a cult. Dark, dark ages with a touch of mysticism and magic. The lack of sentimentality, excessive natural – all this is of great interest to an adult audience. To understand if you want to read this book, you can see the eponymous TV series. If you have interest in this reading, feel free to grasp for first novel. An advantage of series is that the author appends it until now, so end of story is simply not seen.

Humorous and historical fantasy at its best

To mention less heavy fantasy, we can mention the great Robert Asprin, who has proven himself in many series novels. Fans of humorous fantasy will find interesting his series about the magical Agency of the MYTH, led by a mage dropout with skiva and his demon-mentor autom.
It is very important in the case of translated books to choose a good translation. Guided by the old editions. Perhaps part of the text will be "bills", but the General level of the old translations is much higher than the current.
This is a brilliant, easy story that will appeal to anyone. If you want to read something more serious, try to get acquainted with a series of "Station Time". This tetralogy about time travel, written with great love and attention to the smallest detail.