Classical composition jelly

The most popular recipe for making jelly at home consists of applying the following ingredients:

- fruit juice or compote;
- sugar;
- gelatin.
For the preparation of gelatin dessert, you need to fluff up in a little boiled warm water. You should not fill it with boiling water.

Gelatin is of animal origin. It is produced from the joints, bones and tendons of animals and fish. Through a complex process of drawing out an adhesive crystalized and get the familiar product called "gelatine". Its main components – protein and collagen.

Also in the gelatin you can find:

- amino acids;
- glycine;
- alanine;
- hydroxyproline;
- aspartic acid;
- glutaminovuyu acid and much more.

About the benefits of the classic jelly says it. Fruit and berry juices contain a storehouse of minerals and vitamins, which is almost not destroyed during cooking. Because this dessert requires a minimum heat treatment.

Adding to this composition of protein and collagen, it is possible to obtain highly digestible highly nutritious but low-calorie product.
For maximum benefit jelly is recommended when cooking be limited to low sugar. Even better – to cook.

Useful kinds of jelly

Along with the gelatin used for the preparation of useful and easy dessert can be pectin or agar-agar. These substances have a vegetable base. Agar-agar is extracted from certain marine algae, pectin is also found in such fruits as pears, apples, plums. Such substitutes gelatin improves digestion and peristalsis, remove salts of heavy metals from the body.

Agar-agar is composed of iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid. These substances are not just useful for the body. It slows down aging, strengthen the heart muscle, blood vessels and nervous system, remove toxins and cleanse the liver.

Getting into the stomach with food, agar-agar swells and thus allows you to experience the feeling of satiety. For this property the products that include this ingredient, it is recommended to use for getting rid of excess weight.

Another substitute – the pectin binds salts of heavy metals and radionuclides and remove them from the body. It normalizes the metabolism, helps kidney and liver, and purifies them, and vessels from harmful cholesterol. As prevention is recommended when risks of atherosclerosis and gallstone disease.

The damage from the jelly

The main harm is having excess sugar in the preparation of this product. Also use ready-made formulations (pellets, powder) that are sold in stores. Not always the products stated on the label match the contents of the package, or can be of inferior quality.

Home method of preparation jelly is also requires some attention. The usefulness of the product depends on the use of quality components and compliance with the sequence of cooking of the product.