If you are married or you already have a beloved man, should not seek adventures at work. Office romances rarely end well. Inspired by feelings, you can lose not only the relationship, but also a prestigious job. Most companies do not approve of relationships between colleagues and learning about your attachment, you can just dismiss, that the emotions do not interfere with employment. Always remember that if you have the desire to fall in love with a colleague.
To find a worthy partner better outside the office walls. Imagine that you fell in love with a colleague, and he responded to you in return. You'll see each other around the clock, which quite quickly get bored. Will start mutual complaints and reproaches. In addition, you will not be able to objectively assess his work. And will find fault on trifles, or, conversely, to let error. Neither that, nor another are not conducive to paperwork. And therefore will not be approved by management.
Before you fall in love with a colleague, try to know him better. Watch how he behaves on a night out. The service people are not like at home or with friends. And maybe the behaviour of a colleague in an informal situation you do not like it. Then the desire to create with him a couple of instantly disappear.
It is likely that the colleague is flirting with you in the selfish interests. Especially if you are above him. To crack this colleague is quite simple. Hint that you have a problem with management and you will likely quit. If the interest is not lost, the feelings are real. But if a colleague began to have to avoid all the previous steps in your direction was a sham.