Veneer used in the manufacture of furniture, furniture panels, wall panels, doors. Thickness of veneer does not exceed half an inch. Products covered with this layer of wood, giving the illusion of natural wood.

The technology of manufacturing of veneer more than 4000 years. For the first time the idea to saw the wood into thin layers originated in Egypt, where there are practically no forests. But the interiors are made of wood, it is very appreciated. So I figured out a way to slice veneer from the trunk of a crosscut saw. To mechanize the process was only in the 19th century, when the first planer with manual transmission and later - shelling machine.

In the production of veneer, it is important to choose the right raw materials. Logs must be free of ingrown bark cracks, abundance of knots, since these defects will affect the beauty of the pattern. On sawmill determine how logs are cut into sheets. First, logs are cut into ridges, clear of bark, from foreign bodies, then sliced on a band saw workpiece steamed or soaked in hot water. Because of this, wood becomes softer and easier to cut. With the exception of the lighter sorts of wood, from such treatment they may lose color. Harvesting is carried out in water a certain time before they are cut into sheets. Then the veneer is dried and sort out.

Veneer is rotary cut, sawn and planed. Veneer is made from hard and soft wood, using special shelling machine. Rotary cut veneer is cheap, often it is used in veneering. Crossband veneer is made only from solid wood. This higher-quality material perfectly preserves the texture of wood. This method of treatment is used for veneer production of ornamental trees. Sawn veneer is the most valuable, it is made from softwood. He is in demand in the furniture industry.

By way of the slice veneers is radial, poluradialny, tangential, tangential-face. Each of them has its own pattern on the surface. Depending on the wood, which is made of veneer, it has a certain color, texture and properties.

Oak veneer can be different color – from light to dark brown. This strong and durable material. They veneer doors, flooring, furniture.

Walnut veneer is also very diverse in its colours: from bright to grey. It is used in carpentry, for the production of furniture and doors. Especially solid American black walnut make pianos.

Maple veneer – almost white, it is used in finishing, for the manufacture of wooden items that need white items.

Cherry veneers reddish hues, it is used for lining expensive furniture.

Veneer pine has a very light tint, it is used in the manufacture of furniture.

The veneer of the birch – not as valuable as this wood there are different defects.

Beech veneer has shades from white to reddish-brown. It is used in furniture manufacture and in the manufacture of parquet.