Features wenge color in the interior

Wenge is an African wood which today produce furniture, parquet, doors and other interior elements that are considered to be elite. Beautiful rich color of the wood attracted the attention of many designers, so today it is increasingly used in the interior. The ambiguity of the shade makes it mysterious and very spectacular.
On the one hand, the wenge is very similar to the color of bitter chocolate, on the other – dusty black. The shades are very different: red, Golden, darkbrown. This color looks rich and elegant.

Psychologists and designers include wenge "male" colors. Decorated with this color interior looks restrained, aristocratic, inspires a sense of permanence and stability. Wenge will suit self-confident people, careerists.

To use this color in different ways. For example, in the living room wenge can appear everywhere, only on the floor or walls, doors, furniture or decorations. In the bedroom a dark color is best to use in furniture frames, the baseboards, framed or textiles. Wenge can be used in the nursery. For example, to add to the room pouf, rug, or rack of the shade.

In addition wenge you can use in one room only one additional wooden trim. Best rich dark color looks in contrast. Would ash or white oak. If you plan to do the interior in the ethnic style, connect with wenge Zebrano.

Color combination with wenge

Wenge is very loyal to the complementary colors. Will fit almost any colors, properly combined together. The only rule, which is to adhere in the interior of the obligatory bright color.

Colors pick depending on the destination premises. If you want to create an interior for rest and relaxation, combine wenge with a green palette. Perfect mint, herbaceous, dark olive, pine shades.
By combining color, pay attention to their compatibility not only with wenge, but also with each other. Sometimes it is better to use several shades of the same palette, abandoning the complex contrast combinations.

Romantic-fantasy atmosphere will create added to wenge sapphire, violet, pastel pink, pale yellow. Also in this room can enter pale lilac or purple. If you plan to draw in this style nursery, use the most dull tone colors listed.

At the same time warm and passionate interior work, if you connect wenge with bright colors. For example, it looks fine palette of dark red with cocoa, chocolate and ochre. Substitutions are possible depending on your preference. If you want more passion, instead of dark red use the classic or orange. More subdued interior work, combined with a tinge of Burgundy.