Even the simplest interior blinds wenge is able to give elegance and nobility, but they may seem too strict. This problem is easily solved if to add to the situation a few bright decorative elements, such as colorful cushions, blankets, paintings, designer table lamps, rugs in the form of animal skins, and more.
To give a "highlight" of this room, you can also use additional lighting of curtains. The lights will dilute the strict atmosphere and give the room additional warmth.

To the design of the apartment was harmonious, shade curtains, it is desirable to choose the color of furniture or other fabric finishes. It is considered good form if the pattern and color of window draperies matches the tablecloth, bedspread and cushions. Just do not overdo it, two or three matching items will be sufficient.

Don't be afraid to experiment and try different design options, then your apartment will look like on the photo from the catalog.

Chocolate color wenge

Curtains made of such material will be appropriate for a classical interior and modern style. However, remember that such a dark color is necessary to complement the light walls and floor, window to stand out against the rest of the space.
Best suited pastel, beige and milky tones, you can also stay for a light pink or pistachio shades.

Furniture is better to buy the color of the curtains and add a few bright original details. This environment will be conducive to rest and relaxation, so is particularly appropriate for the bedroom.

The coffee shade of color: wenge

Brown enriches the interior gives it a warmth and peace. This color is usually associated with stability and restraint, therefore it is appropriate in a classic interior.
Coffee tones of the curtains can give the room a concentration and seriousness, so they are often used for offices and home libraries.

Purple wenge

Dark purple curtains it is important to choose the right so that the design does not look too dull. But if you did, then this color will give the room fresh, will breathe new life into it, it will look simultaneously fresh and very stylish.

Purple may well come to the bright interior, it is particularly well matched with yellow, green and blue. But restrained light colors will look appropriate: suitable cream, white, beige and champagne color. This combination will look light and airy.