Products – sources of vital energy

It should be understood that the vital energy and calories are two completely different things. The most high-calorie foods, usually not very useful, but those that are sources of energy that are useful no doubt. For them in "Ayurveda" even have a special definition, they are called "sattva".

In this category belong, primarily, berries, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it does not matter how they are eaten – raw or after heat treatment, most importantly, they were fresh. Baked or boiled these products can be even more useful than raw, because they digest easier and microelements containing in them, are better.

In food, giving energy include dairy products. The most power-consuming of whole boiled milk and ghee. In addition, energy can be obtained from wheat and products based on it: whole grain oatmeal, bread from wheat flour, bran, pasta from durum cereal.
Can save energy clean water, you need to dial in natural sources, excluding its contamination with harmful impurities.

The vital energy contained in honey, which, according to "Ayurveda" concentrate the sun's energy, extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed, legumes: lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas.

Food, taking away energy

To products-vampires that consume energy, which are called "tamasic", are all that contain toxins and putrefactive bacteria. For example, it is stale, old and fermented – sauerkraut and pickled vegetables, aged cheeses, as well as those products obtained as a result of someone's death – meat, fish, eggs. Not particularly fan of Ayurveda and root vegetables, except carrots and beets, as well as those that grow and ripen under the ground: garlic, onions and mushrooms.
The basic rule for energy conservation is to eliminate overeating that the body was not wasted on processing unnecessary products and storing them into fat reserves.

If you want to preserve vitality, do not use refined sugar, coffee and alcohol, though they add strength, but this energy charge ends very quickly and it is after the feeling of fatigue. And, of course, is harmful, "tamasic" foods include genetically modified ingredients and all the artificial additives, dyes and preservatives.