Products to get rid of free radicals

  • Whole grains, greens, wheat and almonds. In these products is vitamin E, help to combat radicals.
  • Liver and milk. They are rich in vitamin A.
  • Tomatoes, pineapples, kiwi, oranges and tangerines. These fruits contain "askorbinku".

Products that are fatty acids

  • Oily fish. For example, sardine and mackerel. They contain omega-3.
  • Dried fruits, peanuts and almonds. All this is full of omega-9.

Products, giving a diuretic effect

  • Fruit. This Apple, pear and grapes.
  • Vegetables. For example, onions, asparagus, eggplant and artichoke.


This method of therapy involves treatment with trace elements. They are located in the body in insufficient quantities, and therefore the lack of need to fill. Useful trace elements significantly increase the body's resistance to diseases and regenerate tissue.

If the person is often subjected to negative emotions, or had signs of venous insufficiency, the pharmacist should be buy drugs, which is composed of such elements. As a rule, they are made in the form of ampoules.

Manganese. It increases blood clotting and is essential for the immune system. Besides, this substance helps the body to absorb vitamin E. It can be found in grains, chestnuts and soya.

Cobalt. Along with manganese, it shall suspend the varicose veins. This element is in the onion, radish and mushrooms.

Iodine. If the human body will experience a shortage of this substance, then it will stop blood circulation. The iodine is in seafood. A large quantity of this item you can find in an ordinary kelp. It has a beneficial effect on the activity of the thyroid gland.