About the benefits of Ukrainian borsch

Ukrainian borsch, prepared according to traditional recipe is a perfectly balanced dish. The ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates – energy carriers, essential for the normal functioning of the body as well as minerals, vitamins and enzymes is such that the best could not wish it. The indicator of the optimal ratio of nutrients is not suitable only for the supporters of a separate food and vegetarians, if we are talking about soup in meat broth. For other people the dish is a harmony of products in one plate.
When the dish is balanced, then, for example, fats (vegetable or animal) give a mild choleretic effect, which is useful for the liver. Based on this, and the whole digestive system starts to work like a clock.

Real Ukrainian meat soup with bacon – a real storehouse of protein, which is the extraordinary power energy, which ensures the vigour and high level of efficiency. A complete protein nourishes and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, increases the efficiency of metabolic processes. Vegetables and seasonings supply the body with macro - and microelements, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins A, C, K and group B.

The fibre should be discussed separately. Soup is an excellent detoxifier, cleansing the body of toxins. A mixture of vegetables that go into making a true, traditional Ukrainian soup, is not called "the magnificent seven". Beets, potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes, greens (sometimes garlic) all together, they complement each other and form the "magnificent seven", which in passerovannoy and boiled acts as an excellent sorbent, "brush". Due to the presence in these vegetables of fiber is quite rough part, which is virtually not digested by the stomach, "seven" gently removes products of decay and rot that has accumulated in the body.

A high degree of usefulness can claim even one soup Ukrainian borscht. He is said to be Japanese centenarians, sending energy to the fire of digestion and revitalises the blood, i.e. adjust its viscosity, making it more liquid, which is useful for the heart and blood vessels.

About the dangers of Ukrainian borsch

What a claim to Ukrainian borscht his opponents:
- the broth is harmful, it causes disease of the blood vessels, joints, kidneys;
carrots and cabbage are the leaders in the assimilation of nitrates;
- soup contains oxalic acid and other dangerous compounds that causes tooth decay, osteoporosis and other diseases;
- roasting, the binding element of Ukrainian borsch is the reason for the development of gastritis, stomach ulcers, and also carries with it cholesterol that affects the blood vessels and heart.

That is to say. Some damage may have broth made in a "wrong" meat. That is obtained from animal diet which added growth hormones or antibiotics. Exit here alone – buy the meat from approved suppliers and you will have nothing to fear.
Is there a good way to secure the broth. Once the meat is in the pot is boiling, remove from the heat and drain the liquid. Meat rinse, cover with fresh water, put a whole onion, put back on the heat. Onion then discard.

Regarding nitrates: the view that along with the cabbage and carrot in the body gets a large number of them, contrary to another opinion, based on research. According to the findings of scientific research vegetables, the last heat treatment, in contrast to the fresh provide easy transit of nitrates through the intestines and prosperous, their removal from the body.

About oxalic acid: Yes, it is present in the soup, but non-hazardous to health concentrations. Moreover, it is easy neutralized sour cream, which when applied Ukrainian borscht on the table required.

Roasting. The process of frying onions and carrots going on for long, only until a slight Golden color. Same carcinogenic substances with high carbon content are formed, as is known, only in the burnt product, which was subjected to frying in oil or fat at high temperatures for a long time. Just avoid this when cooking a roast, and then it will not be dangerous for your health.

So what's the harm carries Ukrainian borsch? Yes, in General, no. This is nothing more than a contrived and unsubstantiated myth. The benefit of this dish proved millennial culinary history of its use and the many objective studies. It is important to use quality products and know the rules of cooking this traditional Ukrainian borscht.