Packaging of nori can be bought in the shops selling accessories for cooking Japanese dishes. Is that nori is sold in conventional supermarkets. Or seaweed for sushi ordered by mail via the Internet shops offering exotic products.
Nori may be slightly different in color. There are sheets of nori green, dark blue, reddish and even gold in color. Of all types of nori can be prepare great rolls. The taste of the rolls depending on the color of the nori will be different. The fact that all the sheets of nori is made from algae, but the color they impart a variety of spices and food additives. Because the taste of the dish, the end result is slightly different.
For the best rolls, nori is a red or dark blue. Wrap the filling in these rolls are convenient, they do not crumble under his hands. This product is without the preliminary preparation is ready for use.
Variants of preparing nori for sushi a few. For example, you do no processing, just carefully and quickly wrap the filling in them. Another option – before you spread on nori sheets prepared rice, lightly wet them with plain water or water to moisten hands and smooth them nori sheets.
A third option is to coat the nori sheets with vegetable oil, such as sesame or flax seed, olive. Try all three ways of preparation of nori to the twisting of the rolls. Thus, you will come to a consensus if you like the crispy seaweed in sushi, slightly more oily or wet.
Almost always layer on the nori while cooking sushi is superimposed a thin layer of rice. This is followed by filling. Therefore, usually nori soften yourself from contact with wet rice.
In Japan it often happens that the sheets of nori keep the smoke in, so they purchased a lightly smoked flavor.
Try the nori sheets and the rice layer to put the following types of toppings for sushi that are classic.

1 filling – thin laminates salted or smoked trout or salmon, fresh cucumber and a serving of spicy wasabi.

2 stuffing – crab meat, slices of avocado and wasabi.

3 filling – layers of egg omelette, cucumber and avocado, a bit of wasabi. The top rolls can decorate red caviar.