A very practical flooring option is linoleum. It is affordable and durable enough, it has high durability and good acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, this material is low maintenance and easy installation. Modern linoleum involves a huge selection of colors, patterns and textures, it can mimic wood, parquet, stone.
Kitchen floors made of cork fans love environmentally friendly natural materials, because they are produced from the bark of the cork oak, taken from growing trees every few years. These floors are comfortable for feet and is able to reduce the load on the joints and spine. Cork creates the feeling of a warm floor, it is impossible to slip and it does not attract dust. Generally, it is the ideal floor covering for Allergy sufferers. Covered with a special varnish, he's not afraid of small spills of liquid and is perfect for the kitchen.
Wood floors are to expensive materials, but thanks to them the room will look luxurious. It is ideal for the kitchen, made in classic design or country style. It should be borne in mind that such coverage does not tolerate changes in temperature and humidity, so it is better to use in the dining area, complementing tiles or porcelain tiles laid in the working area. Preferably a wooden floor to handle special tools with oil or varnish to make the wood less porous and more resistant to moisture and dirt.
A worthy and more affordable replacement of the wooden floor in the kitchen is laminate. It is more durable and resistant to mechanical stress. Externally, the laminate is able to mimic any species of wood, granite, marble and tile. It can be used for the device warm floor in the kitchen. However, have such coverage and weaknesses — he is afraid of water, so when it is laying a very important reliable waterproofing screed. The kitchen is fitted with laminate will always have to watch that on the floor has not got the excess fluid.
Most popular flooring for kitchens is ceramic tile. It is practical and convenient to use, an affordable price and gives scope for design experimentation. Contemporary ceramics has a huge variety of colors, patterns, textures and ornaments. Looks interesting, when tiles of the same color as kitchen apron. It is very environmentally friendly, does not conduct electricity, is not afraid of household chemicals and exposure to direct sunlight. Its main drawback is the "coldness" - it is not suitable for those who like to walk barefoot in the house, as well as families with young children. It is best to make the floor of Matt, unglazed tiles, which will help you to protect yourself from injury. The best option would be ceramic with figures of 3-4 on a scale of wear resistance and 4-5 on the hardness scale.
Great characteristics of porcelain stoneware. It does not absorb moisture, not subject to extremes of temperature and has high hardness. With various designs, simulating various natural materials, porcelain tiles to complement the kitchen interior in any style. It can be polished or matte, and the latter is more safe for the kitchen.
Lately it has become very popular liquid vinyl; the polymer self-leveling floor. It looks like linoleum, and touch the tile. It is unpretentious and is not afraid to mechanical damage. It can be made in any color, with various drawings and inserts. However, keep in mind that to remove it later will be difficult.