Design flooring "Art Vinyl"

The base of the tile is made of polyvinyl chloride, and has a two-layer construction. Mineral fillers significantly increase the strength and impact resistance of the coating. It is this layer gives the tile properties such as stiffness, sound and thermal protection.

Next is the canvas of the optical fiber, the individual fibers of which are arranged in different directions. It is completely inelastic, so the linear dimensions during operation absolutely do not change. The decorative layer is a flexible polymer film coated with a pattern. This is one of the main "chips" of the company "Tarkett", the quality of the paint and design on excellent high level cover Art Vinyl does not fade and looks new for many years.

Finally, complete the construction of two protective layers. The first "transparency" with a thickness of 0.4 mm performs the function of protection against abrasion, it also gives impact resistance and elasticity. The final layer has maximum resistance to scratching, easy to wash and clean dirt. At the same time on the touch cover "Art Vinyl" can be as glossy and rough.

Dignity cover "Art Vinyl"

  • The moisture resistance. The absence of layers of wood or paper allows you to lay tiles in any room, including on the terraces or in the bathroom.
  • A lot of styling options. Produced outdoor "Art Vinyl" in the form of square tiles with a side 457 mm and planks 914х152,4 mm. They can be placed in any order, including diagonal ways.
  • Soundproofing. Vinyl tile Art Vinyl absorbs sound and creates an echo in the room.
  • Possibility of laying on the old paint — laminate, tile or solid floor.
  • Many design options with vinyl tiles can mimic any natural covering or to create a bright modern interior.

Disadvantages cover "Art Vinyl"

Advantages of vinyl coatings is really a lot that caused its immense popularity. However, there is the "Art Vinyl" reviews and negative, mainly related to its fineness and composition. The coating thickness of only 2.1 mm, so even the slightest uneven floor led to distortions in the packing. Prolonged static loads, for example, from furniture legs, invariably lead to the emergence of podavlennostew.

Sound and heat insulation is also far from perfect, compared to the massive Board, laminate or cork flooring. Vinyl tile is not hollowness, but noisy neighbors will not protect.

Finally, the main drawback is the artificiality of the tile. "Tarkett ensures that harmful vapors and emissions no, but with a real tree more environmentally friendly vinyl still can not be compared.