White and red beans rich in vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins. It contains few calories.

Beans can even be called a versatile plant due to the large range of products, with which it blends well. But you want the cooking process to observe certain rules, to meals from the beans turned out nutritious and delicious.

Basic rules for combining beans with other ingredients for cooking various dishes:
- Beans can be used in two ways: often cooking the Mature grain, but the green pods can also be delicious if you treat them right.
- From the beans, along with other products it is possible to prepare salads, soups, vegetable side dishes and much more.
The beans served as a separate meal: porridge, mashed potatoes, lobio, canned food and so on.
- As a rule, varieties of beans differ in colour, cooking time, so that different types of this legume in one dish rarely used.
- In the vegetable porridge and soups beans, add in cooked form.
Mature beans are cooked very long, but the green beans is cooked much faster.
- Meat and fish is also boiled together with beans due to the difference in cooking time.
- In the bean puree you need to add butter or vegetable oil.
- Beans goes well with onions and tomatoes, so this combination is often found in many dishes.

As you can see, beans goes well with vegetables. With fish and meat first and second courses, she also turns out tasty. It is worth noting that beans meals need to add salt at the end of cooking, then it is possible to achieve full disclosure of taste of this useful product.