Braids for hair

Everything new is well forgotten old. Why use a curler to wind the hair on hot tongs and try using the round brush and foam to create waves when you are old, even ancient method which has been known since many centuries ago and were probably used when you were younger? You just need to braid hair before bed braid – their number depends on the effect you want. If you need a very lush hairstyle with small curls, then you need to braid some thin, but very tight braids. The effect of casually disheveled, slightly wavy hair will give two loosely braided for the night scythes.

The tips of the hair remain straight, therefore, it is desirable to curl or using small curlers or tongs. And not to spoil your hair, you the tip to twist and pin around the elastic on the end of the braid.

Braiding braids for hair styling you need after you dry and carefully brush my hair. It is also desirable to use any styling product to make the result stay longer.

Interesting results are obtained if you experiment with braids: braid French braid or "fishtail".

Laying with your toes

At first glance, this method seems silly, unusual and even weird, but girls who use it, never change the styling with a sock. This is a very fast, simple and efficient, the result is a lush, beautiful hairstyle with big curls.

Take knitted long sock, cut the end from the fingers and twist a thick rubber band. Make a high ponytail out of the hair, securing them with a rubber band, lift the tail up, attach the twisted toe and gradually wrap in his hair, straightening your toe and dispensing strands. It turns out a spectacular beam in the form of a harness which can be worn as an independent hairstyle. But to get the beautiful styling, you have a few hours to walk or to leave a sock on the night. Then carefully loosen the toe and let down your hair – the result will be stunning, especially if you straighten your strands with your fingers, dipped in hair gel.

Curling fingers

If you don't have curlers, you can use them instead of their own fingers. Comb the hair, soak them with water, apply foam and separating the strands one by one, spin them in a ring on the finger. Then carefully remove each ring, and immolate on the head with Bobby pins. Wait some time until the hair is not dry, then remove the clips and loosen the rings. This method, unlike previous ones, is suitable for short hair.