You will need
  • shampoo;
  • - hair mask;
  • spray to protect the hair;
  • Polish and wax for the hair;
  • clips and Bobby pins;
  • - Styler, Curling irons or hot rollers.
Before starting the installation, prepare the hair. Wash your head with shampoo, and then apply the mask so that they become elastic. After that, apply special substance (emulsion) for the protection of hair from exposure to high temperatures and hot air. Dry your hair with Hairdryer and then start creating hairstyles.
Comb your hair and divide them into a Central parting. Take one strand (width approximately 3 cm) at the level of the parting, again comb it and apply varnish. Twist your hair in the electric tongs or a Styler, not reaching 2-3 cm to the roots, hold for five seconds. So you don't interfere with the top layer of hair, secure it with clips.
Continue to wind the hair along the rim on the back of the head, then grab the side strands approximately 3 cm above ear level. Next, take the front strands of hair, then horizontal, twirling them in a tongs top to bottom. Don't forget to apply varnish. Last treat the hair on the crown. Very carefully disassemble the fingers created curls, not combing them.
Lift the hair at the nape, securing them with Bobby pins. Front shake hair with your hands, allowing romantic curls gracefully fall on your face. This hairstyle is more suitable for long hair and is not on the run. If you have a lot of time, try the easier option of laying, suitable for medium length hair.
Clean dry hair spray the spray for styling or varnish strong hold. Then gently comb your hair and wrap in hot rollers medium thickness. Remember that the thinner the strand the better you get a curl. After about fifteen minutes (when the curler has cooled down), remove them. Spray on the curls a little Polish, and then disassemble wavy strands with your fingers. Pound in palms a small amount of wax and apply it on the hair ends.