Long straight wholesalemost hair, towel dry and apply a styling. Comb out strands to the top, then slip the resulting beam to the left or right ear and secure it. Divide the hair bundle into three parts and weave braid. Put her opposite the base of the beam and fasten to the strands of the end of the braid was free. Using the Curling iron, twist them into curls. Secure the hair lacquer, decorate a barrette.
Comb your hair and gather it in a ponytail slightly below the crown. Twist hair in the tail into a bundle, put clockwise in a spiral node. Through the center of the knot with one hand, pull the remaining tail, the other support node. Secure the output node of the beautiful stick pins.
Long curly hair velosipedista shape using foam or mousse so that the curls were more accurate, curl it with a Curling iron. Divide the hair parted in the middle and secure with Bobby pins. You can put on wet hair ferrule, in this case on top, they are straight, and the ends will curl beautifully.
Short volozaninova foam to damp hair, then dry with a Hairdryer, pulling strands round comb. For bulk hair strands hold at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the head or direct hot air to the roots. Then RUB in the palms of a small amount of wax and lush whip the hair at the nape and temples. If you don't like the body styling, pull strands under maximum tilt, hair will be smooth.
Curly short hair can be laid slightly sloppy. The mess of curls will look very cheerful and fun. To do this, lightly dry freshly washed hair and apply some gel, then lay the strands by hand.
Place the fine and thin short hair in the following way. Slightly necesite on the back of the head, apply a small amount of spray. Twist your hair on large rollers. Similarly, treat the bangs and the strands on the sides using the curler the smaller size. Dry the hair, remove the rollers and shape the hair.