Advice 1: How often can I do a saline enema?

Very popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle uses a saline enema, which cleanses the intestine from chronic the stool and promotes rapid weight loss. But how safe is this procedure and how often you can use it without hurting my health?
How often can I do a saline enema?

All about saline enemas

Enema to which is added saline solution softens hard fecal mass and allows the intestines to freely get rid of them. Usually saline enemas prescribed by the doctor for chronic constipation, but today they are widely used by women who want to lose weight effortlessly. The advantage of such enemas is that their application is possible not to restrict your diet as the weight loss starts from within and is due to the removal of fecal stones and toxins.

The alkaline environment created by salt, enhances the cleansing process, and the salt water is slowly absorbed by the mucous membrane, so that the purification lasts longer than usual.

The use of saline enemas the bowel is cleared of poisonous impurities which interfere with its cells updated. Weight loss occurs by improving the absorbability of nutrients from absorbed food, which leads to improved functioning of the entire body and allows to burn excess body fat. To do a salt enema, you need to dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a small amount of hot water, and then enter the solution into a liter of warm water. If an enema is necessary to put periodically to treat constipation, to water you can add one tablespoon of vinegar.

Regular saline enemas

Doctors categorically do not recommend to abuse the body cleansing using saline enemas, as they are eluted from the gut natural microflora. If you put an enema of saline solution a day for several weeks can cause many unpredictable complications. Bowel gets used to the mechanical evacuation and will cease to function properly, and mineral-salt balance of the body will be substantially impaired.

To use saline enemas were more effective, it is desirable to use English, Morshynska, Karlovy vary, or any other laxative salt except sodium chloride.

So, a saline enema is recommended to do not more often than once a week, if the therapy is aimed at weight loss or relief from chronic constipation. For ordinary colon cleanse old feces, an enema of salt, it is desirable to make two or three times a year. The water temperature of this enema should be about 23 degrees, but if you suffer from gastritis with high acidity, the temperature can be increased to 37-38 degrees.

Advice 2: How to do an enema for weight loss

There are many methods for weight loss. One of the effective ways to lose weight is enema. The result of this procedure, the colon is cleared of accumulated sediment in it out toxins, leaving the body weight. Enemas can be done through various schemes.
How to do an enema for weight loss
A very popular method of cleaning the bowel from Semenova. It allows you to lose up to 10 kg of weight, but is very hard, so better not apply it without consulting a doctor.According to the method Semenova enema should be done 2 times a day. The first time the bowel is cleaned early in the morning, before Breakfast, the second time – in the evening before dinner. In any case you cannot miss a single treatment course lasts 2 weeks. This is best way to lose weight for those who suffer from constipation.
How to make <b>enema</b> <strong>weight loss</strong>
There are also known methods of production of enemas for Sadilova. He developed a more gentle way of klezmania. The course consists of 11 enemas and enema are placed with an interval of five days. The second and third enemas are already with an interval of four days, the third and the fourth within three days, the fourth and fifth – two days of each other, the fifth and the sixth through the day, and later every day.
How to make <b>enema</b> <strong>weight loss</strong>
You can do enemas on a different scheme, also gentle. This method allows you to quickly remove deposits of fat on the belly. For enemas preparing a solution of 1.5-2 liters of water and dessert spoons of salt. You can add 1 teaspoon of natural Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. The procedure is carried out once in 2 days.
How to make <b>enema</b> <strong>weight loss</strong>
Women should not do colonics during menstruation and two days after graduation.
Useful advice
Colonics wash out intestinal microflora. Therefore, during these procedures, and some time after them it is necessary daily to drink lineks, bio kefir and eat raw carrots.

Advice 3: How often can I do an enema

Frequent enemas dangerous addictive bowel to the relief of its direct functions, resulting in constipation. In order to lose weight they can be put no more than 1 times a week, treatment – by agreement with the doctor. If the enema is selected as an aid when fasting, put it through the day, but not more than 7 times.
The fascination with enemas is fraught with intestinal dysfunction

Statement of an enema: the appointment procedure of its kind

Enema is a procedure that involves the injection of fluid into the rectum. Its purpose may be different. Cleaning in order to put it for constipation, before surgery or childbirth, or before certain diagnostic tests. To carry out such a cleaning procedure with water at room temperature, which is not absorbed by the intestine and comes out along with the softened stool.

If an enema is put in order medical washing, a rubber "pear" fill solution, which can be used as special medications and suspensions, and herbal teas. The choice of this method of treatment due to the fact that rectal absorption of drugs occurs much faster than for internal use.

Nutritional drip enema was invented for feeding patients who are unconscious. Their intestines had introduced a special nutrient solution, after absorption which the patient received all the necessary materials. A worthy replacement of a nutrient enema which is actively used by doctors in the last century, has now become intravenous feeding and nutrition through a tube.
Contraindications for enemas are internal bleeding, abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon, malignant diseases of the digestive system.

How many times can you put the enema for therapeutic purposes

To eliminate intoxication that accompanies infectious disease, the doctor put an enema every day. The single fluid volume can vary within 1-1. 5 years, but the temperature must not exceed 37.5 degrees, otherwise, the warmer water will only exacerbate the intoxication, quickly being absorbed in the intestinal wall.

In order to reduce high body temperature, the enema formulation allowed up to 3 times a day. The water should be room temperature, not below. This approach allows to gradually reduce the temperature without the development of side effects.

In case of serious food poisoning in addition to the traditional gastric lavage, the doctor may recommend to get an enema several times in a row. In this case, a thorough washing of the intestine at a time, you should fill it with 2 liters of water with temperatures up to 37 degrees. On the intestinal flora, such a procedure is not reflected, as the water softens the stool and facilitates their excretion.

The long delay stool enema put once. In this case, you add the oil or glycerin. If constipation is an ongoing problem, to solve it enemas not worth it, otherwise the intestines cease to perform their functions independently. If constipation happened the child, he can only be special glycerin mikroklizmy.

How often put enema for weight loss

Enema as a way quick weight loss can be performed using pure water or with oil or lemon.
If the enema is to lose weight, eat hearty meals is prohibited. To relieve bouts of hunger you vegetable salads and juices.
It should only 1 time a week. The water temperature should not exceed 36 degrees, and for the first procedure, you must use at least 1.5 liters of fluid. Before beginning the procedure, experts advise to drink water. About how effectively such an event, we can say the following. In the process of cleaning the bowel with an enema you can lose up to 5 kg, depending on the characteristics of the organism and its reaction to the cleansing.

Advice 4: How to do an enema with salt

What methods resorted to neither of the fair sex to get rid of extra pounds. Auxiliary means for weight loss are cleansing enemas, which should be used in conjunction with exercise and a low calorie diet. The most effective is enema using a saline solution.
How to do an enema with salt
You will need
  • Mug Esmarch;
  • Sol;
  • - boiled water;
  • - vinegar;
  • - vaseline or vegetable oil.
Enema well soften the stool, promote their smooth exit. Assigned to enema salt chronic constipation or in severe cases, but only for health reasons. Widely used saline solution for weight loss. The salt creates in the intestinal alkaline environment, thereby enhances the cleansing process. The solution is slowly absorbed in intestinal mucosa, longer at the destination.
In medicine usually make a solution of two teaspoons of salt and one liter of water. When this salt must first dissolve in a small amount of hot boiled water, then bring to desired volume. If you suffer from chronic constipation, then you will need to douche with vinegar (half a liter of water is taken tablespoon of vinegar and teaspoon of salt). To enhance the effect, you can not take ordinary table salt and morshinskaya, Carlo or English.
The temperature of the solution should match the body temperature. Cold water causes spasms of the intestine, obstruction of the administration. Heat water rapidly absorbed in the large intestine. The number of solution at one enema should be 1-2 liters, no more, this will be enough to cleanse the colon. To carry out this manipulation is best in a relaxed atmosphere. Well suited for these purposes bathroom. Fill the mug Esmarch saline solution and suspend (capacity should be placed above your torso at 1-1,5 meters).
Lubricate the tip with vaseline or vegetable oil. Lie on your right side or take the knee-elbow position, gently insert the tip into the rectum for a distance of 5-7 cm. Then open the tap and enter the water in the intestines. To prevent rapid infusion of the solution, periodically pinch the hose with your fingers. Then, remove the tip and hold inside the liquid for 5-10 minutes. In the end, empty the intestines some time to rest.
In no case do not overdo the enemas, as this procedure not only effectively cleanses the intestines, but also flushes the body of many useful minerals. This disturbed microflora in the gut, to go to the toilet is difficult, there are difficulties with voiding, and constipation. Therefore, to conduct such manipulation is necessary only in case of emergency, no more than once a week and only on prescription.

Advice 5: How to make a coniferous-salt bath

Coniferous bath is well known for its relaxing and calming effect, shown in insomnia, neuroses, vascular and cardiac ailments, hypertension. More use of coniferous baths will bring, if you add to it sea or table salt.
How to make a coniferous-salt bath
You will need
  • - natural pine needles or pine extract;
  • regular or sea salt;
  • - pine branches, needles or green cones.
There are many recipes coniferous-salt bath, for both natural pine needles, and its extracts in dry or liquid form. Liquid extract you will need 50-100 ml of dry 2 tablets (can one). To enhance the therapeutic effect of the needles is added to sodium chloride or sea salt (about a kilogram in 150-200 l of water). However, to take such baths for therapeutic purposes should be after medical examination and consultation.
The water temperature for the coniferous-salt bath do in the range of 35-37 degrees. Get everything you need for a comfortable bath. As it has a marked relaxing property, do not get comfortable. A bath should take no longer than 15 minutes. Do not immerse in water up to the neck, the thorax should be placed on the surface. After the bath it is advisable to wash the intimate area with running water.
If you prefer to use natural ingredients make a bath for this recipe. Take pine twigs, needles and green cones in equal parts. Pour in the cold water for half an hour will boil. Pour the infusion into a container and soak approximately 12 hours. Also you will need a kilogram of common salt, or a bag (300-500 g) sea. If you do a full bath, pine infusion take 1.5 liters, for "half" bath is 750 ml, and for sedentary and foot – 250 ml.
Doctors often prescribe coniferous-salt bath excitable children with hypertonicity and sleep disorders. Contraindications for their reception there. Prepare for baby bath food coarse salt in the amount of 150-200 g. Note that the colored and scented salts cannot be used. Children suitable extracts of pine needles, and independently gathered pine twigs and needles. Boil collection, strain thoroughly and add to the bath along with the salt. Children under one year of bath salts you need to take no more glasses (possible sea salt). Duration of procedure – 10-15 minutes (depending on age). After the bath podmosti baby with plain water, not washing the salt from the body. Do not tighten with an evening bath is the best time for it to 19 hours.
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