You will need
  • Ingredients for 2 persons:
  • - 6 medium scallops;
  • - 6 shrimp (fresh and maximum size);
  • - small onion;
  • - grated cheese;
  • - glass of milk;
  • - dried dill;
  • - tbsp heaped corn flour;
  • - 20-30 gr. butter.
  • - salt, pepper.
In a pan melt the butter, fry in it the scallops with dill, salt and pepper on all sides, so they are a bit browned.
Put scallops on a plate, in oil fry finely chopped onion.
Once onions are browned, add the chopped shrimp. Give them a good obzharitsya, add flour and pour milk.
Stirring constantly, fry on a small fire shrimp in the sauce for 5-6 minutes. The consistency of the sauce should resemble the Bechamel.
Preheat the oven to 180C. At this time, lay out three scallop-shell. Pour sauce with shrimp, and sprinkle top with grated cheese during baking formed crisp.
Sent shell in the oven for 8-10 minutes, after which they can bring to the table.