What are real sirens and mermaids?

But in the old legends and folk tales of these fabulous creatures dream of becoming real girls, are suffering from their fate, and they probably would have been quite surprised if I suddenly found out that someone wants to become a mermaid in the moon these beauties are often ruined young men on the waterfront, because it is very dreamed of love, grieved about it and believed in the young man's heart there is feeling.

Force mermaids: fact or fiction?

The old legends do not deny that the power of a mermaid really exists, but instead they are forced to pay a high price – these beings are unable to love, they can't cause this feeling to yourself.

Still, many young girls continue to dream about that at least once in life to experience this extraordinary state of power and ease of control elements which are available to the girls from the TV series "H2O Just add water", after they experienced the power of the full moon.

Each of us can believe or not that there are these fabulous creatures, but in fact there are a lot of stories and spells from old fairy tales, as is the transformation into a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid

How to become a mermaid for real. The most reliable way – take a dip in the moon in the pond reflecting the full moon. If you will be able to swim on the lunar path, this ritual promises and energy, and good health, which will give the effect of the full moon.

Ritual folk customs. On the holiday of Ivan Kupala, the girls have to weave large green wreaths covering face. They dismiss and brush my long hair, made of green birch twigs to weave the arch through which you need to pass three times towards each other and kiss. To them comes the strength of a mermaid.Girls-girlfriends need the whole holiday to hold hands and be sure to take a dip in the pond, then the girls combed each other's hair beautiful scallops and sing melodious songs. When the holiday ends, wreaths taking apart and let the river, wear their hair in braids. Thus ends the ritual. It is believed that after this the girls quickly find their future husband. For this ritual the power of the full moon is not needed.

How to become a real siren mermaid. The real Undine found in the cold lakes of Scotland – enough for a girl to be in any body of water, where, on the assurances of local residents, live these fabulous creatures, and to ask that they took her into their pack, it immediately becomes a mermaid. So rasskazvaetsya in local legends.

However, all methods describing how to become a mermaid, act only when the girl truly believes in their mission. But that's not wrong? And suddenly its purpose – the cold light of the moon, and the sun's rays?