Special agricultural appointment - removal of the tops of potato plants, have not yet managed to appear the buds. The tip of the Bush with a length of two centimeters off or just cut off. If the plant is sufficiently watered then a couple of days later on Bush will come active growth of lateral shoots growth will last longer than without slicing the tops.

If you lengthen the period of vegetation, the ripening of the tubers will not change but under every Bush will increase their number. In addition, gardeners have noted that the tubers of potatoes, obtained from the trimmed bushes, the next year when planting give the crop healthier than tubers of the same variety but without the clipped bushes.

Do I have to have potatoes to pick off the flowers? It is advisable to pick off the flowers buds. This will allow the plant not to waste my energy on budding, seed propagation and flowering, but starts vegetative reproduction – tubers. Noted that if to pick off the flowers on each Bush to add two tubers in the crop.

So it makes sense to pick off the potato flowers, but only when the potato area is small. But the huge field makes no sense to do such a procedure.