You will need
  • - fan
  • - electric toothbrush.
When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse make sure that during the flowering period of tomato transoms were open. This will allow a sufficient number to create movement of air currents, insects-pollinators can fly.
To increase yields, use special formulations that are sold in specialized stores for gardeners. Quite a few times during the whole period of the growing season to spray tomatoes and the yield will increase by 30-50%.
As forced pollination use the method of shaking. Every lash a little shake every day. It should be done very carefully and preferably carried out such pollination every day from the morning. After shaking, turn on a small drip spray. The pollen will dry up. Excessive moisture is also undesirable. The humidity level in the greenhouse to maintain approximately 75%.
Manual pollination with an electric toothbrush is carried out on small plots where tomatoes are not more than 100-150 units. On each inflorescence holding an electric toothbrush for a few seconds. The method is quite time-consuming if you need to do forced pollination of a large number of tomatoes.
Easier way – use a household fan. Before switching on make sure that the humidity of the air corresponds to 70-75%. At lower humidity the pollen would burst when higher – will komkovatost. The fan creates a forced air operation. Sufficient air mass is a guarantee of selfing.