If your furniture is in good condition and looks very modern, try to sell it. Of course, at a discounted price, otherwise the venture will be unsuccessful. For starters, tell friends, maybe they will be should a particular product. Very often old furniture furnish apartments that rent.
Place information about the sale of furniture on a free classified ads website, which today is very popular. And in order for your goods faster responded to the buyer, take a picture of the original furniture and describe it, specifying the cause of the sale and the discount that you do. Indicating the price, review the cost of similar products in order not to scare off buyers too high a price. This method allows you to report the necessary information to a very large number of people.
If you do not mind the money, post the announcement of the sale in the local newspaper. As the number of characters there is often a price limit, compose succinct text, which must specify the name of furniture, the condition in which it is located, cost and a phone number where you can be reached. Also, review other ads in the newspaper, maybe someone put the information out there about your desire to purchase or receive donations of old furniture.
If your city has thrift store furniture, try to attach an old wardrobe, a sofa or chairs there. Information about this institution can be found in the local newspaper or on the Internet.
To take the furniture for free, put information about it on the websites of free announcements or on his page in the social network. Try to attach it to the house of the disabled, the elderly or children's home. Or give it to Church – there always know people who need any help.
If you put furniture anywhere does not work, try to repair it, re-sheathing or wear out by means of special equipment. Perhaps, then, it will come in handy at the cottage. By the way, the antique furniture is quite popular today.