Throw a cry of friends, relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.), they say, do not know what to do with such pieces of furniture because buying replacements for them. If the old furniture is in good condition, it may well pick up.
You can apply online or at one of the local Newspapers announcing the sale of old furniture on the cheap or gratuitous donation (if not sorry). In the ad be sure to write about the self to come for your furniture on your transport.
If you have a cottage and spacious enough car, the issue of selling old furniture can be considered closed. Take the furniture that houses you no longer need, to the country where it is still certainly useful. Some items can be adapted for new needs, for example, to build warm beds of the panels remaining after the removal of the old Cabinet.
If the furniture is old, what had long been doing, you can try to pass it in a thrift store. Or give it for restoration. After the restoration of your old furniture can be transformed so that you do not want anyone to give.
There are organizations which themselves are taken from old furniture and appliances, free of charge or for a small fee from your side. Maybe you'll have to part with a small sum from your wallet, but you will not need to think where to attach the old furniture.
It happens that in the country the furniture is not necessary or giving simply no, friends, relatives, neighbors, old sofas, chairs and stools are not needed. In General, we can only throw away. Disassemble and break the furniture that you want to get rid of, not necessarily, because it can be attributed to the dump and carefully put in containers. If you're lucky, the same evening or in a couple of days your sale somebody will take it.