You will need
  • Adapter LPT-USB.
Purchase the adapter LPT-USB. Buy it can in a computer store or market radios, which sells all sorts of adapters for such devices. One end of the adapter, install the printer cable and secure it. The other end of the wires plug into the USB port of the computer.
After connecting wait until the device definition in the system. Most likely, the system does not recognize the installed printer, and therefore you'll need to load the appropriate device drivers.
Insert the disc that came in one set with the printer into the disc drive of your computer. Wait for the disk, and then click on the "start menu". Right key click "Computer" and click "Properties". In the left part of the window that appears select "device Manager" and go to "Printers". Right click on the unrecognized hardware and select "Update driver", then select "Automatic search of drivers" and click "Next".
If you have no disk for the printer, go to the official website of the manufacturer of your device. Find the section "Service and support" or "Download drivers", then find your printer model and download the appropriate files from the menu of the website. After downloading please install the downloaded installer by running it on the computer.
After driver installation, reconnect the printer and reboot the operating system of your computer. Go to "start" - "Devices and printers". If your printer displays in the selected section, the installation was successful and you can proceed to printing.