The most important substance for maintaining healthy blood vessels: vitamin C, vitamin P - rutin, vitamin PP - nicotinic acid, vitamin E.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and their elasticity, has the ability to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood to normal value. Foods that are richest in vitamin C - rosehips, red and black currants, sea buckthorn, herbs, bell peppers.

Rutin another name for vitamin e - effectively strengthens capillaries and reduces permeability of blood vessels and makes them more elastic.
Rutin is largely contained in foods such as all citrus, black currant, cowberry, cranberry, sea buckthorn, Aronia.

Vitamin C and rutin similar in its effect on the human body and reinforce each other. Therefore, such a pharmaceutical preparation as ascorutin, effective for strengthening the vascular walls of the veins and decreasing capillary fragility.

Vitamin PP
Another name of the substance is nicotinic acid. This vitamin has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and heart. As well as vitamin C, lowers cholesterol level in the blood. The maximum quantity of this vitamin include the following products: meat, poultry, liver, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E essential for maintaining the vessels in good shape. The main source of this vitamin is vegetable oils: corn, sunflower and cotton. We must remember that when heated, the vitamin E is destroyed. Use vegetable oil in its raw form.

These substances are most significant for the formation of healthy blood vessels. But for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system requires a large number of different substances, so food has to be healthy and balanced.

Basically what you need to know the abundance of animal fats in the diet can significantly undermine the health of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the amount of fatty foods of animal origin in the daily menu should be reduced to a minimum. The diet is useful for vessels, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits.