For registry cleaning use a specialized utility. For example, program CCleaner, which allows you to remove unwanted keys and repair errors in the Windows partition. To download CCleaner go to the official website of the developer in the program window for viewing web pages.
On the page that appears, navigate to Download the top navigation bar. You will be prompted to choose free or paid version of the program. Press Download and select the location to save the installer file. Once the download is complete, run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
Run the installed program with help of shortcut icon on the desktop. In the left toolbar, click on the button "Register". In the menu that appears you can select the registry settings that you would like to check for anomalies and redundant entries. Select the desired items or check all the lines.
Click on the "Search for problems" and wait for the scan. In the right part of the window displays errors found by the scanner program. To fix the problem click Fix. In the dialog box that appears, click "Yes" and select a location to save the backup of the registry. Then click "Fix checked". After you are finished, close the window. The registry cleaning is completed.
You can also try cleaning unwanted data manually. This is integrated in the system utility regedit to edit. To access it, navigate to the folder local disk C:\Windows\System32\regedit.ехе. You can also run the utility by typing in the search bar "start" regedit.