Advice 1: How to increase download speed in steam

Steam is a popular gaming service that allows you to purchase and run licensed copies of games right on your computer. Due to the fact that the service enjoys a large number of people, the download speed of games is significantly reduced. There are several ways to increase the speed of downloading files and use the full potential of your online channel.
How to increase download speed in steam
The best way to increase download speed on Steam – use the content servers. They are copies of the main master server of Valve, which stores all the downloadable games available for the users of the service. Official content servers are often loaded with them and the jump is very slow because it makes sense to use other mirrors.
Select the most nearest to your location, a content server using the corresponding function on the website Steam. View the data on the server. If he's given any load, except zero, so they can use. If the name of the mirror is specified [FILTERED], so they can only use a limited number of users.
Go to settings in the Steam client. To do this, open the program window and click Steam – Settings. Then navigate to the "Downloads + Cloud". In the "download Region", select you found the server. After that, apply the changes by pressing "OK". Then restart the client.
After restarting Steam will use the specified server. Try to download any game. If the download speed has increased, so all their settings were correct.
If you want to maximize the speed of downloading games in Steam, it is desirable to turn off other Internet programs running on your computer. So, the included torrent client can dramatically decrease the performance of other programs. You should also disable all kinds of download managers, browsers and other applications that transmit data over the Internet.
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In the Steam settings you can also specify the desired download speed through the "Speed Internet connection". This option allows you to increase or decrease the amount of data received by the application. Thus you can add or reduce the speed games download.

Advice 2 : How to increase download speed on steam

Steam is a digital distribution of computer games. You can use it to buy and install licensed versions of different games using a personal user account. If you have not very good Internet connection, you can try to increase the speed of downloading content.
How to increase download speed on steam
The download speed of games depends on the content server mirrors the main server Valve. They are stored in encrypted form all the games that are available to customers Steam. The program is configured by default so that the content server is chosen depending on the user's locale and subject to the minimum ping the current connection, but automatic selection of the Steam is not always optimal. For example, the main Russian content server Central, Urals and Siberia often are not encouraging high speeds. You can change the content server and increase the loading speed of games.
Choose the content server depending on its current load. Statistics from these data are available at the link Select the server that is closest to you and least loaded. Please note that the download of zero means that currently the server is unavailable. Also try to find the servers [FILTERED]: they are faster and more are offered by different providers, among whom, perhaps, there is your.
Switch to the selected content server. To do this go to settings download Steam and browse to the "Downloads + Cloud" (Downloads + Cloud). Enter the desired content server in the "Region downloads" (Download region). Also install the most accurate data in the field "Speed Internet connection" (Approximate speed). Save the settings and restart the Steam client. Complete all open sessions that download data from the Internet and pause at the time the system antivirus and firewall. Try to start the download of the desired game. The speed of upload to computer to increase considerably.
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