You will need
  • pencil;
  • - drawing furniture;
  • - a drill bit;
  • - screws;
  • - roller guides.
Based on the drawing of the furniture follow the exact marking on the box, which will be attached to the elements of the roller guides.
Drill non-through screw hole (depth minimum should be 14 millimeters). Then make two more holes: their location relative to each other determined by a drawing.
Place the box item roller guides so that the end of this part, where there is no wheel rested on the front wall of the drawer. Accordingly, the roller must be located at the rear walls of the drawer. Attach the roller guide, using the supplied screws, or independently selected screws, the cap of which should not exceed the guideline more than one millimeter. Attach the guide piece and the second side of the box.
Go to install roller guides in the locker. Position the guide so that it was perpendicular to the front of the Cabinet, however, the roller guide must be placed in the front. Almost all of the guides are round and slightly elongated slots provided for screws. When mounting the roller guides in the Cabinet, use the extra slot since they will be easier to adjust the movement of the traveling box.
Repeat the above procedure with the second side niches, in which there will be a box.