You will need
  • screwdriver, bit set, drill and screwdriver, hammer, tape, level
If possible, store consider exposed to the sample tables, look inside and inspect the fastening parts, installation of the hinges on the doors obuvnitsy. Ask the collector of furniture (that works in the store) about the nuances of the Assembly.
Carefully open the package so as not to damage the furniture. Do not rush her to just throw away, if the marriage is found, it can serve as a valid argument.
When you unpack the box, check invoice with all the items you need taken if there are defects. Don't forget about the accessories. It is desirable to do so in the presence of the forwarder. This procedure treat carefully, otherwise, then the seller will be difficult to prove that the marriage is not your fault.
Prepare a rechargeable screwdriver, bit set, drill and screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, level. With these tools, furniture Assembly will be faster and more convenient.
To build the cabinets will need some time, so pre-plan your day not to do anything in a hurry and prepare the site for Assembly. Experienced masters say that the major things are good to collect on the floor and small ones on the table. Think about how to protect the walls and floor to avoid to scratch during the Assembly of the tables.
Carefully review the Assembly diagram. Usually instruction is inside the package.
Usually building any wardrobe, make in a horizontal position. To protect the flooring lay down the cardboard. Lay out the basic details. Assemble the panels of the case. Furniture Assembly is usually used self-tapping screws for chipboard. In furniture holes are usually made in advance. Align the corpus level, ensure that it does not move freely, tighten the bolts. After tightening, the heads of the screws, close the decorative cover. Collect the crates.
Small nails nail back wall of the cabinets, and at last install the hinges or roller guides.
In fact, self-assemble furniture is not too difficult. Just need to show care and patience.