Puff Patty. To prepare it ready-made beef patties folded in a special way. First a thin flat cake from a piece of meat. Then the pellet is formed in three layers. Hands given mass form patties. Such a "layer" of the workpiece is spread on a hot frying pan with vegetable oil seam side down. Fry as usual.
Juicy cutlets gives addition of water to the roasting process. To do this, first the burgers are fried on both sides until Golden brown. Then to the pan added a half Cup of water. Close the pan with a lid. Turn on the fire under it on low and cook the dish for 10-15 minutes.
To burgers were juicy, each pellet from minced meat put on a piece of ice. Form a Patty with a piece of ice inside and sacarifice in the usual way. The same trick can be done with the use of butter – putting the small piece in the middle of the pellet from minced meat.
Use ground beef only white bread. He gives it the fluffiness. And the bread before you add it to the stuffing, soak with milk or cream. Dairy products will give juiciness of the finished dish.
Chopped onions or in the form of a slurry (crushed in blender) makes the burgers more juicy. The same role can be played by one large potato, grated on a fine grater or minced a piece of fresh zucchini.
The breading of the cutlets not allow juice in the roasting process to flow from them. Therefore, before the heat treatment, the meatballs need to be breaded. Make it a choice in the flour, bran, breadcrumbs.
To enhance the taste and increase the juiciness of meat cutlet can such additional products, such as tomato paste (ketchup), mayonnaise, garlic, green onions, sweet peppers.