Classic options

It is easiest to hang the bike with a straight or a so-called "men's frame". If the upper part is parallel to the ground, enough to fix in the wall with two robust hook. On them and hang the Bicycle frame. These fixtures are easy to buy from specialized stores. You can choose the one in which mount loosen the helm and turn the wheel to 90 degrees. So the bike hung as close to the wall. If this is not done, it will take quite long hooks or fasteners. Design option of making this hanger extremely thick shelves for books. If you saw through it wide of the longitudinal hole, it is possible to pass the frame. A shelf to put all the cyclist stuff: tools, gloves, valsamon, etc. Such storage is not only practical, but also decorate the high-tech interior.
Buy wall mount matter, based on the weight of the bike and the type of wall on which it is stored.

The "female" frame requires a bit more sophistication. Some manufacturers produce special system for them. On the wall of the first fixed guides, and by him – the hooks for hanging. But you can use a wall mount that holds the bike by the front wheel. This is useful if the apartment has narrow under-utilized space, niche. Also it can be placed on the front wall of the loggia, in the far corner of the pantry.

Choose the mounting kit which is the substrate under the rear wheel, so as not to stain the wall. And it's better if the hook is rubberized — it will protect the wheel from scratches.

New look

Apartment with high ceilings allow you to place the bike though and along the wall, but to pin it at the top. This fixture is a system of slings with blocks on the ceiling. Pulling on a rope, you can raise or lower the bike. In developing this attachment, the engineers took a sample of conventional ceiling dryer for the bathroom.

And if you are lucky and the iron horse can be maintained until spring in the garage, take the time to do it firmly and securely. Just leaned against the bike to the wall, easy to drop his awkward movement. Here the situation will save wall mount type street Belostok.
Home valastona not required to be of steel. Enough aluminum alloy.
They are placed close to the floor to lock them in the wheel.