It is not necessary to self-medicate and uncontrolled take medicine, because in case of failure will hurt your kidney. The treatment needs a doctor, even in the case of lung ailments, which you have previously coped effortlessly. Treatment using natural recipes can lead to complications, because the output of the received substances from the body will have your only kidney.
Diet after a kidney removal must also undergo changes. People undergoing surgery are advised to eat small meals four to five times a day. Useful easily digestible foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Meat and fish should be eaten boiled, bread – only black. Useful eggs, vegetables, cream, honey, sour cream. Do not abruptly change your diet. For example, while on vacation in exotic country, try to eat the usual for Europeans food, only occasionally trying the local dishes.
Follow the regime of work and rest. Be sure to get enough sleep, try as often as possible to walk in the fresh air. Useful are a half-hour walk morning and evening, a visit to physical therapy. People with one kidney can play sports, but you should choose such types of physical activity in which the risk of damage to the most low. A fall while playing football, hockey, ski or bike can lead to very unpleasant consequences.
Man with one kidney, it is desirable to avoid any inflammation. Try not to let you get colds, go to preventive checkups to the dentist periodically get yourself checked by a physician, endocrinologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist. Women with one kidney can have children, but they need to notify the physician, leading their pregnancy, about their features, so that the doctor could effectively choose appropriate medication.