You will need
  • - renal brace, high-calorie diet;
  • - remedial gymnastics;
  • - operative treatment.
If omitted, the kidney does not cause serious disorders and complications, conservative treatment methods. Enhanced nutrition for the formation of the fatty capsule of the kidney especially helps patients with asthenic body type. Also required renal bandage, which is put in the supine position to the first getting out of bed in the morning.
There is a special therapeutic exercises, which strengthens the abdominals, back, pelvic floor. Regular execution helps to restore the normal arrangement of internal organs, improves blood circulation in them. The nature and duration of the exercises is chosen individually for each patient.
The complex is run daily 20-30 minutes in the lying position. These exercises include the usual, such as "Bicycle", "scissors", the rise and lowering of the legs, breathing exercises with the inflation and fixation of the stomach in one position, and special exercises, allowing you to return and to fix the kidney in position.
One of the most useful exercises in the following way. Lie on your stomach on a firm surface, arms stretched forward. Simultaneously raise the upper and lower part of the body as long as you can. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Daily this exercise will allow you to soon hold the body up to 10 minutes or more. After this exercise gently roll onto your back and lie down in a relaxed state for 5-10 minutes.
Contact your chiropractor. In not neglected cases of nephroptosis 1 and 2 effectively helps chiropractic.
Repetitive pain, complications, renal pathology, renal hypertension needed surgery – fixation of the kidney a muscle flap, which is cut out of the psoas muscle. This operation allows you to raise the kidney, while maintaining its physiological mobility.