Make furniture for the apartment in order. So you will be able to maximize the benefit to fill a small room. For example, a Cabinet made according to ceiling height, significantly save space in width. Even better if it will be with glass or mirror fronts. So will not seem that half a flat is a bulky structure.
Use the built-in or multi-functional furniture. The bed can have a hidden compartment in which to store bedding, clothes or any other items. Thus you will be without a chest of drawers or bedside tables.
If you do not want to occupy much space with a bed, get a sofa bed. There are options of sofas, as HyperTransport, which are cleaned and armrests, and backrest, and pillows.
Instead, use a desktop computer at home laptop. He absolutely does not take place, and you will be able to move with him, not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom. Hang TV on the bracket, so the problem will disappear, placing the tables under it.
Put the sliding door. They look more modern, and won't take up space. You can also order the figure in the glass, which will suit your interior.
In "Khrushchev" minimalism. So pay attention to the furniture of Scandinavian design. It is perfect in size and shapes for small housing.
If you need to zone the space, do it with color and texture. Decorate the room in bright colors, dark make it visually even smaller.
Insulate the balcony, so you can complement the size of your space and equip up a work station or sitting area.
For literature use a bookcase and wall shelves and racks. The open structure will create in your apartment a sense of unfilled space.
When furnished Studio apartment makes sense to pay attention to modular furniture. It is easy to move around the room, that will give you the opportunity to periodically update the interior of the housing.