The advantages of wooden houses

The tradition of wooden house-building has more than one thousand years. In the period of industrialization and the emergence of concrete and concrete blocks, wood as a material for construction of houses receded into the background. However, not disappeared altogether. This material is often used in the construction of baths and villas. Today the wooden house or, as it is called, a log cabin, is experiencing a rebirth. The reason was the emergence of new methods of construction and technologies of wood processing. Because of this it is now easy to build a solid country house, which will serve you for many years.

Private wooden house is now a fashionable trend, however, it is important to remember practicality, where you have these homes. First of all, such a structure is environmentally friendly, because its construction does not entail the use of heavy construction techniques. In addition, wood is a natural material. In addition, the log cabins have unique thermal insulation properties. Because of this, you can save considerably on space heating. And, of course, a private wooden structure does not require additional finishing. Since the wooden walls look very nice and aesthetically pleasing, making can serve as a wonderful basis for your interior.
To construct such a house is quite difficult and not everyone can afford. This activity requires basic knowledge in the field of construction and some experience.

Modern designs of wooden houses

In fact, modern wooden houses are analogues of the simple Russian hut. But the modern design makes these residential buildings are very original and even astounding. Still, looking at such a scale of magnificence, custom type and complexity of works, it is very difficult not to be surprised.

To date, companies involved in the construction of wooden houses is able to offer its customers a huge variety of options of projects of wooden houses. Depending on the wealth and taste, you can find the ideal plan for the construction of wooden houses: original and interesting.

Among the varieties of wooden houses distinguish two main ones: timber houses and log houses.

Under the structure of the timber professionals recommend doing a continuous footing. The timber can be machined planed, both inside and outside. However, this would entail additional costs. The timber for the walls of such a house can be used in various sizes. It is possible to use round logs or hand-cut. All these nuances are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and desires.

Under the log structure is also commonly used strip foundations. The logs can be further processed by knives or planer. For walls can be used the same materials as for the houses of timber.

All individual questions regarding the project of construction a wooden house, usually solved with designers, engineers and craftsmen of companies specializing in such work. They help their clients choose the most suitable option, will draft and expect the final cost of construction.

All projects are United by the use of the same material - wood. In different sources you can find a lot of information on this feature of wood as environmentally friendly. But not everyone knows that the wooden house allows its owner more and significantly save the budget. Sounds weird, because such buildings are usually attributed to the segment of the most expensive construction. However, it is. Judge for yourself: the house made of logs does not require additional use of facade materials, additional insulation or interior walls. The tree, having high aesthetic qualities, and even great at trapping heat.

Any modern house project wooden structure, one way or another, but continues a long tradition of Russian architecture. It the forest was unchanged, "the centuries-old atmosphere of Russian life". It is the tree of ancestors used in his first construction experience in the pagan time.
As you know, the "white stone" (Moscow) was also 90% filled with wooden houses and farmsteads. However, as all medieval Rus.

And, if you look at modern log frame house, we can see in it some elements reminiscent of the old Russian hut. Horizontally laid logs, United at the corners by cutting, to form a log. Exactly built the hut in Russia. This technology adhere to to this day. However, now these houses that is built, and in those far, up to Petrovsky time, their "cut". In fact, from here originates the traditional Russian name of this structure is "frame". The fact that this term was considered more plausible and fully consistent with the process for creating a home using only one ax. Undoubtedly, the progress does not stand still. Therefore, modern wooden cottages the word "hut" to use not quite correct. It will sound only as a beautiful metaphor.

Most of the projects of modern wooden houses provides accommodation for people in maximum comfort. Therefore, each variant has the complete set of all service. In favor of such dwellings usually make your choice people are focused on family lifestyle who appreciate a healthy house atmosphere, cosiness and modern comfort. If you are a man seeking positive emotion, harmonious relationship with loved ones and exposed to the elements, wooden country house will become your best option. Because only wood is the most attractive in this respect, material. The only one presented to us by the mother nature, lively, able to create a unique and surprising atmosphere of warmth, caring, domesticity and comfort.