You will need
  • Computer, mobile device, Internet.
To exclude from scanning antivirus Avast certain folders or files, you have to enter the settings screen of the file system. Go to menu "Security — antivirus — file system shield".
The file system shield
Inside the file system shield, click "Settings", then select the Exceptions tab. Clicking on "Browse" you will see the contents of the hard disk. Make select exceptions by selecting folders or files by double-clicking and clicking on OK. Confirm your choice in the next window, again by clicking on OK.
Tab "Exceptions" file system shield
To add to exception URLS, you need to enter the settings screen scenarios. Go to menu "Security — antivirus — Screen scenarios".
Screen scenarios
The inside of the screen, click the "Settings" button, then select the Exceptions tab. Check the box "Exclude URLS", then click "Add". In the new row enter the link to the resource that you want to exclude from scanning. Click Add and OK to confirm.
If you want to delete added to exclude files and folders or URLS, you can do it by ticking the file or folder, or URL in the appropriate screen and pressing the "Delete" button. After this, click OK to confirm the operation. In case of error, click "Cancel".
Deleting URLS from the exception
You can temporarily pause the operation if necessary. Click on "Avast shields Control" and select the disconnect interval.
In case of more serious security issues please contact tech support for Avast on the website of the company. The issue will be addressed as quickly as possible and you will get an answer on the specified e-mail.