Advice 1: Why the need for a `sandbox` in avast antivirus

In the field of Internet security "sandbox" refers to a special mechanism used for safe execution of guest programs. They are most often used for proactive defense when running unverified code that can be malicious. To this technology resorted very many manufacturers of antivirus software with their own products. Company Avast! – is no exception.
Why the need for a `sandbox` in avast antivirus

What is "sandbox" and why you need it

The so-called sandbox (eng. sandbox) is a relatively new feature in semi-free packages of antivirus Avast! Pro and Avast! Internet Security. This is a special security model, through which the user can visit websites and to run a variety of applications, while being in a safe environment. This feature helps to avoid viruses accidentally navigating to potentially dangerous websites. In contact with a malicious resource, the browser will automatically be placed in the "sandbox", and therefore the infected computer will be prevented.
Free versions of antivirus Avast "sandbox" is missing.

New function can also be run independently with the inclusion of extraneous programs that seem suspicious or unreliable. Just run the program in the sandbox and you will find out if she really is a danger, or your fears are groundless. When testing a program, your system will be protected "Avast". "Sandbox" is often used when testing software downloaded from the Internet.

How to use the "sandbox"

In order to run a questionable app or surf the Internet via the sandbox, click on the query "run a virtualized process". Then navigate to the program you want on the computer. The browser or application opens in a new window, framed in red, indicating that the program is successfully running from the sandbox.
In the tab "advanced settings" you can assign applications that do not need to virtualize and which ones you should run from the sandbox always.

A characteristic feature of "sandbox" – the ability to integrate into the context menu. To connect this option in the Options window select the checkbox of the column "to build in a context menu launched by right-clicking". The option can be made available to all users, and for users with administrator rights. With its help, you will be able to launch any application in a sandbox, just clicking on the icon with the right mouse button and selecting "run virtualized".

Please note: if you click the right mouse button on the application that you placed in the "sandbox" in the context menu you can choose run once out of the sandbox or remove apps from it.

Advice 2: How to add exceptions in Avast

Avast is one of antivirus programs. Installing and registering it as simple as possible. There are versions for PC and mobile devices. The license for the first year of use, you can get absolutely free. Avast offers various additional security options. There is the possibility of adding exceptions.
How to add exceptions in Avast
You will need
  • Computer, mobile device, Internet.
To exclude from scanning antivirus Avast certain folders or files, you have to enter the settings screen of the file system. Go to menu "Security — antivirus — file system shield".
The file system shield
Inside the file system shield, click "Settings", then select the Exceptions tab. Clicking on "Browse" you will see the contents of the hard disk. Make select exceptions by selecting folders or files by double-clicking and clicking on OK. Confirm your choice in the next window, again by clicking on OK.
Tab "Exceptions" file system shield
To add to exception URLS, you need to enter the settings screen scenarios. Go to menu "Security — antivirus — Screen scenarios".
Screen scenarios
The inside of the screen, click the "Settings" button, then select the Exceptions tab. Check the box "Exclude URLS", then click "Add". In the new row enter the link to the resource that you want to exclude from scanning. Click Add and OK to confirm.
If you want to delete added to exclude files and folders or URLS, you can do it by ticking the file or folder, or URL in the appropriate screen and pressing the "Delete" button. After this, click OK to confirm the operation. In case of error, click "Cancel".
Deleting URLS from the exception
You can temporarily pause the operation if necessary. Click on "Avast shields Control" and select the disconnect interval.
In case of more serious security issues please contact tech support for Avast on the website of the company. The issue will be addressed as quickly as possible and you will get an answer on the specified e-mail.
Useful advice
Before adding a file, folder or URL exceptions, make sure they do not contain viruses or other dangerous programs.
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