Advice 1: Shower inside a wooden house

Wood, due to its unique natural properties, remains one of the most popular building materials used for the construction of individual houses. "Breathing walls" wooden houses provide good breathability while retaining heat and not flowing into the cold. But the tree is afraid of water, so when the shower device inside the wooden house, you need to protect wooden structures from the effects of steam and water.
Shower inside a wooden house

Features space for shower in a wooden house

If you are building a new wooden home, not remodeling an old building, you have to face the fact of the shrinkage of wood that will last the next couple of years. This is especially true for the linear dimensions. So, if you install in the bathroom a wall of moisture-resistant drywall and finished it with ceramic tiles, it is possible that in time it will simply crack and circled – wall height can shrink up to 5%. Therefore, the strip complex of engineering communications it is better to postpone until such time as the house is a little "settle".

During this period it is necessary to solve the issue of hydro - and vapor barrier, the vent system, to impregnate all wood construction home with antiseptics and waterproof formulations. This is especially true of a shower or a shower, because if the tree gets a fungus or mold, to eliminate them would be impossible – they are very deep in its structure. Untreated wooden wall with 80% humidity loses its strength within 8 to 10 years.

Using profiles, sliding frame

If you don't want to waste time and wait for the wooden house shrinks, for the equipment of the shower space you can use the technology profiles of the moving frame. They are mounted in vertical grooves cut in the log walls. The frame set attachment, but not over the entire height and not the spacers between the walls and ceiling leaving a gap of about 2 cm to the floor But this design is fixed rigidly, but the screws don't spin until it stops. On this profile you can fix false wall and finish it without fear of shrinkage.

The device waterproofing the floor

As a rule, country houses are not square, so it is advisable to provide in the room shower sink and toilet. Ideally, if the floor is elevated above the ground, in this case, at the bottom you can make a drain into the sewage system. But it is especially important to correctly and efficiently make a waterproof floor that protects the entire wooden structure from moisture.
To provide protection from flooding, make the floors in the shower on the level lower than the floors in adjacent rooms of the house.

For waterproofing, you can use this inexpensive and proven over the years material, such as roofing felt and bitumen mastic which is used to insulate small areas with complex shapes. And in that and in other case you will need to make a screed, which will raise the floor level at least 5 cm When you want to put flooring with ceramic tiles, it is better to use for waterproofing cement-polymer materials or finished polymeric mastic mixture.

Finishing materials for country soul

After this treatment the wooden walls can be covered with decorative plaster, which will perform the protection function. Plaster is already possible to assemble a false wall of moisture resistant drywall. Instead of drywall, you can put the wall in a half-brick, which is then finished with any suitable water-resistant material.
If the walls in the shower to make moisture – resistant species teak or larch, are also treated by special trains, you can not use other materials and to leave the walls of wooden.

Building your own home – a laborious process, but very enjoyable. If you care about comfort and decided to make a bathroom and shower inside the house, it makes sense to think about and beautiful design for this building. Good opportunities for design provides ceramic tile, particularly mosaic, which looks good in small rooms, making them visually more voluminous. If the finish you are going to use ceramic tiles, it is better to choose a small size to avoid destruction with the continuing shrinkage. For flooring, this material is indispensable, especially as domestic manufacturers offer quality tiles at affordable prices.

Alternatively, the floor and walls of shower can be finished with moisture resistant adhesive cork panels, which are more plastic and not so afraid of shrinkage and deformation of the substrate. In addition, the tube is not susceptible to fungus and mold, it is excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing material. Price cork panels at a cost comparable with high quality laminate, i.e., is not prohibitive. Water-resistant laminate and linoleum can also be used as a floor covering in the premises of the bathroom.

As for the ceiling, the best option will be suspended from plastic panels, which are also not afraid of moisture and dampness. Under such a ceiling can hide the wiring, which by building codes shower room should be laid in a protective metal or plastic corrugated pipe. Plastic panels will mask and ventilation system, which must include a hood with forced air intake.

Advice 2 : The original idea of wooden home interior

Wood remains one of the most popular materials for building of a cosy and warm home. Inside the wooden dwelling of the man resting body and soul, and imaginatively designed the interior to be doubly enjoyable. There are several styles that are best suited to the interior of the wooden house.
The original idea of wooden home interior

Country style

The design of a wooden house country style ideal for a country cottage. He effortlessly combines elements of bright and colorful textiles, hand embroidery, vintage wood furniture with many trinkets. The original interior will give such diverse forms of constructions, as arches or openings, and a wooden ceiling, painted in warm shades.
Placing the house in this style, you should follow measure to his room turned into a cluster of Museum of Antiques.

Country style involves the use of bright colors in curtains, pillows, curtains and other interior parts. One of the trademarks of the country are wood-beamed ceilings. The rustic kitchen in this style does not require furniture – simplicity, convenience and quality, with bright colors and wrought-iron elements create a unique and cozy atmosphere in the house.

Hunting Lodge

The interior in a hunting style often choose men because for women it is too brutal. Its main directions – the walls hung with trophies, massive sofas with leather upholstery, original fireplaces, wooden furniture and iron fixtures. For originality can vary from the hunting style of an old finish or suspended ceilings, raised wood panels.
Traditionally a hunting Lodge acts as a place to stay, because to live in it all the time among men is not accepted.

If you don't have a house, and the interior in a similar style I'd like – make one of the rooms of his home by the skin of the slain bear, put a wrought iron decorative candle holders, slip on furniture covers and simply enjoy the atmosphere. Remember that the basic components of a hunting style are such materials as:
- tree;
- iron.

English style

Goes well with the wood of the English retro style, which aims to emphasize the status and taste of its austerity and restraint. Since the wooden house today is very expensive, this style will reflect your financial capabilities, not putting you in a bad light. Originally the interior will look like the decoration of the ceiling mosaics of different wood species.

The main elements of the interior in English- rug with soft colors and expressive patterns, soft solid couches with patterned upholstery, lacquered furniture, lots of jewelry and decorative items. Dishes must be English porcelain, and the bedroom should hang layered curtains.
When making a house in the English style a tree, it is possible to hide the Wallpaper or drywall. The Wallpaper can be any floral pattern or stripes.

Mediterranean style

The style of the Sunny Mediterranean is often used in the design of the houses of stone or brick, but his designs can also decorate a wooden house from a bar. The individual elements of the Mediterranean style will perfectly fit the interior wooden beams, round tables made of wood and the muted ceramic tiles match perfectly with the wooden walls.

To create the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean region will help fresh oranges laying on a white dish, evergreen potted plants, straw and brick wall elements.

Tiles natural shades are often used in the design of the traditional country houses, so the Mediterranean style is in almost every cottage. This style will sparkle in your home with bright colors, complement the original stone or ceramic countertops, wicker furniture and bright patches of textile.

Ethnic style

Asian, African, South American, Chinese and Indian motifs collectively known as the ethnic style that combines exotic, originality and coziness. Each of these motifs used in the design of a wooden house, emphasizes the natural wood on the walls or Wallpaper made of silk and bamboo. The originality of the house in ethnic style will give the painted ceiling under the night or day sky.

Diversity and brightness of ethnic style turn banal design in unusual and exotic interior. Its main features – woven mats, leather items, floral designs, upholstery furniture "Zebra", African masks and Mexican sombreros on the walls.
Placing the house in ethnic style, do not overdo it with the details to a cozy wood house turned into a gaudy flea market.

If you have a sloping attic roof, which is often seen in homes from wood panel a room with it light shades of wood, make a big window and put a carpet on the floor, stylized under the skin of any wild animal. Perfect complement to the picture of the cage with the bird, the abundance of green plants (perhaps ivy), bed with patchwork quilt, hand-embroidered pillows and paintings with landscapes of wild Prairie.
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