Advice 1: How to make a shower

Each of us in the house or apartment has a bath, shower and other derivatives, by means of which you can cool off on a hot day, soak in the hot water in the winter, but the daily hygiene without them is simply unthinkable. But it's home, and what to do, for example, in the country. Shower at the cottage – it is not so unthinkable, it is quite able to build yourself in a short time from available materials.
Without a summer shower in the country can not do
You will need
  • Large barrel or water tank
  • Cabin of the future soul
  • Pipe with shower head and faucet
  • A hole for draining the used water
You can, of course, without further ADO, to go to the market and buy there are ready to give a shower, but the shower made with your own hands, not only will cost much cheaper, but can become a proud future owner. So, for the construction of the soul you will need:
Large barrel or water tank

Cabin of the future soul

Pipe with shower head and faucet

A hole for draining the used water
To begin, select a place for future construction, taking into account the supply of water and construction of drainage holes. If the site passes along the gutter, then the shower should be placed as close as possible to her, moving in her sink. If a ditch not, you will have to dig a pit depth of about one meter and strengthen its walls to prevent collapse. On the site of the future soul dig out the recess for the pallet line a rimmed it with roofing material or pour concrete. For the drain pipe it is necessary to leave a trench. The tray itself is better to make a galvanized metal sheet. Don't forget to leave in the floor slits for flowing water.
The shower can be built from any material – plastic, thick film, wood, canvas, plywood. Any of these materials need to be strengthened around a wooden frame, which will become the basis of soul. But what kind of materials would you have chosen, remember, to avoid the formation of mold, shower Cabinet will need to have ventilation. Waterproof shower curtain, shelves for toiletries, hooks for towels and clothes will make your shower more functional and easier.
For showering one person needs 40 liters of water, so the choice of water tank will depend on your family size, but usually the barrels 100-200 liters is enough. The barrel should be well heat from sunlight and keep water warm, so walls must be thin but strong, of all colors, the most preferred will be the black. To the barrel will need to weld a nozzle with a tap and shower head. The barrel itself is mounted and fixed on the roof. Water flow it is possible to produce with a hose. Here and all country shower is ready to use. But don't forget in the fall to drain all water from the tank on the roof. It will take you less time and effort than looking for a new tank in the spring instead of the nasty winter.

Advice 2 : How to make a summer shower

Nice to cool off in the heat under a warm shower, especially if you are in the country and rush for the train to leave the city or just tired and has no desire to make additional efforts, for example, to heat the bath. For such situations it is possible to build a summer shower to a tank where the water will heat up effortlessly in a natural way with the help of the sun and summer heat. To make this structure from any available materials.
How to make a summer shower
You will need
  • - pillars,
  • construction or any other material for walls,
  • capacity,
  • - TES,
  • - shower mixer,
  • - iron or flat slate to cover the roof,
  • sewer pipe,
  • cement,
  • - sand,
  • - crushed stone,
  • - nails.
The main building a summer shower is to install strong pillars, make sheathing the roof and put it in the container. Walls can be covered with anything, even just a cellophane or cloth.
For setting posts, dig the four holes. If you put poles wood, protect the wood from rotting with water resistant primer and mastic over apply. Wrap the poles with tar paper, exactly install, check plumb your installation. The holes around the pillars fill with fine gravel and tamp thoroughly.
Dig inside the posts small indentation around the perimeter of the shower. Install drain pipe, which can be displayed in a separate pit or just put in a nearby ditch. Install formwork and zacamintului the bottom with cement mortar. For making mortar mix one part cement, 3 parts river sand and three parts gravel. Before you pour, pour down a few buckets of gravel, flatten and fill. Do not forget to plug the pipe plug and immediately remove her to the solidification of the solution.
Install the sheathing on the poles. It should be at the top, bottom and middle. On the roof make the crate, the coating of iron or a flat slate. In the roof leave an opening for supplying water from the tank to shower the mixer.
Close the sides the soul of materials. As mentioned above, it can be any materials at your discretion and according to your capabilities.
Do in the shower floor. It needs to be slatted so that water flowed well. Instead of floor to install a shower pan if it is left of the old, unusable shower stall. Sump you just need to attach to a drain pipe with corrugated hose and clamps.
Install on the roof of the container. It is better to pre-painted black for better heating of the water.
At the bottom of the tank must have an opening on the thread, which is screwed on the shower mixer. If the tank top no cover, then you need to make a hole to insert a pipe to join the hose for filling the tank with water. Very convenient if the pipe is withdrawn to the available distance for convenient connection of a hose. In this case, there is no need to climb in order to fill capacity.
A summer shower can't build your own, and buy a ready capacity, and all attributes. Currently available are a huge range of summer showers at a very affordable price and excellent quality. They provided extra heating and discharge of warm water to additional places, like to the summer wash basin or kitchen sink.
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