You will need
  • - ascorbic acid;
  • - Echinacea;
  • - honey, lemon;
  • - ginger root.
Important role in the immune system is vitamin C. Increasing the level of lymphocytes in the blood, it stimulates the production of interferon and enhances the body's resistance to various viruses. Reason for colds doctors recommend to eat as much citrus fruits, drink a decoction of rose hips and cranberry juice. The same means for disease prevention. If your diet lacks foods rich in vitamin C, take ascorbic acid in dragee or tablet form.
Sudden weather changes and cold, in themselves, are the strongest stress to the body. However, using hardening you can teach the immune system to respond adequately to temperature changes. Take a contrast shower, starting the procedure of pouring warm water and ending with cold. To strengthen the immune system enough for three or four such cycles at a time. The only condition: the procedure should be performed daily, even if you feel a slight discomfort. Gradually reduce the temperature of the cold water and increase the residence time under an invigorating shower. To the body was easier to keep warm after showering, RUB the body with a towel.
Spending more time in nature − the oxygen required by all cells, organs and body systems, including immune. It is most useful to combine Hiking with light exercise: Jogging, Cycling, or skiing. But don't deprive yourself of fresh air in the absence of free time and mood − even a half-hour stay on the street after a busy day will help to rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system.
Drink herbal teas, possessing immunostimulating properties. Good effect, for example, has an infusion of Echinacea. Cook it, Bay dessert spoon dried herbs Cup of boiling water. When the tea will acquire a Golden color, strain it and drink with honey and lemon. Instead of Echinacea, you can use chopped ginger root. Such tea not only boosts immunity but also tones the body.