You will need
  • - Computer c Windows.
To disable a controller using the BIOS menu. To enter it, you must immediately after power-on the computer press the Del key. Also, depending on the model of your motherboard to enter the BIOS may use a different key. More information about this you can read in the instructions for your motherboard or on the manufacturer's website. You can also try the method of iteration. If Del key does not work, you can turn to press the F key (often F5 key is used, and on laptops F2).
When you hit the right key, instead of loading the operating system will open the BIOS menu. To control you can use only the keyboard because the mouse will not be available.
Depending on the motherboard that is installed on your computer and version of BIOS, disable the RAID controller can be in different sections. If you want to disable the integrated controller, then you need to look in the section of the integrated devices. It is usually called As a configuration. Also, this section can be called the Configuration integral.
Find in this section the RAID controller. Then set it to Disable, that is "Off". You can also find the option OnChip Serial ATA. Then to turn off the controller you need for this parameter to be set to SATA.
When you turn off the controller, exit the BIOS, keep all settings. After that the computer will be restarted and will run in normal mode.
If you cannot find the option to disable the controller, it is best to visit the developer's site of your motherboard and download the manual, which will be a full description of the fees and all the necessary instructions to enable or disable devices.