You will need
  • keyboard Defender, the Defender or keyboard Media Key
If you need to adjust the cursor blink rate, repeat rate, input character or the delay before repeat – just go to standard settings: start – control Panel – keyboard. In the opened window, in the tab "Speed" will be those items and the result of settings you can check in real time in a special field. To save the settings, click OK. Tab "Equipment" needed to operate the driver information and for technical information. If you are a beginner, modify the parameters in this tab is not recommended.
To configure the multimedia keys you'll need special software firm Defender that came with your keyboard. You need to set it when it installed the driver and software. The desktop icon should appear keyboard. Click it, a window opens with the program's interface containing multiple tabs (depending on your keyboard model and version). The first tab Keys (Keys/Buttons) allows you to configure multimedia keys. On your button you can set any action – from launching a mp3 file to your favorite game. If you want to apply settings – press OK (Accept/Save). The other tabs are needed for other settings, for example to display the Caps Lock state in system tray. If you need to change these settings – don't go into other tabs.
ПО Defender
If keyboard Defender was not the disk with the program you can free download universal Media Key (or any similar). In the program window in the tab "Buttons", click the "Add" and specify the button or key combination you will use, and then associate them with the launch of the applications you need. In programs such as Media Key, you can customize the media keys, but standard. To save the changes - click on the icon of a floppy disk. To adjust the work program, go to the tab "Settings".
media key