You can't soak a fresh broom in hot water. Not to spoil the fresh branches, just rinse it with warm water and it is ready to use.
Dry broom will require a lot of effort. If you don't want the sheets crumbled, also not zaparivat it immediately in hot water. The pre-was washed broom, put it in a bowl of cold water for 2-3 minutes. After that, move the broom in warm water and leave it for 10 minutes. Then top up with hot water and cover the basin. Hold the broom in this condition for another 15 minutes, and you can start to worry. Note that in total, the broom must not be in the water more than half an hour, otherwise the leaves will become sticky. To restore the broom, dried in the steam-room enough to hold it for a few minutes in hot water, and then over the heated stones to sasparilla.
In order to achieve the best effect, to preserve the softness and aroma of the broomand extend its service life, will require more time. Soak the broom in cold water for 12 hours before going to bathe. When you come to the bath, wrap a broom with a damp cloth, put it on the top shelf in the steam room for a few minutes, and before use, rinse with warm water.
Before going to the bath the night before, rinse the broom with cold water, wrap a wet towel or cloth and place in a plastic bag. The next day in the bath is enough to wash the broom with warm water before direct use.
The leaves on the broome better kept, avid bathers do the following. Immediately after the bath flooded, broomand placed in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Then put them in a plastic bag and tie. The package put in the warmest place in the bath: on the top shelves in front of the stove. Brooms are heated and "languishing" with the bathin one to two hours to a temperature of 50-80 degrees. This procedure has a very good impact on the broom, it retains all its beneficial properties, not flies and becomes heavy and sticky.
One of the simplest ways. Order sheet to life, put the broom in a basin of cold water for half an hour. Then about forty minutes, soak it in hot water (not boiling water!), to make the sheet softer.