Do all you can in the bath

The bath has its own laws which must be followed. And a are shown not to all. In any case you cannot visit bath if it was prohibited by the attending physician. Bath dangerous in acute stages of the disease. High temperature, heart diseases, acute febrile diseases, brain trauma, epilepsy, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory skin diseases, acute diseases of the eye and ear — all contraindications to the sauna heat. Couples in these cases can be great harm. But if there are no pathologies in humans are not observed, the Russian heat is a real panacea and prevention.

Secrets of the Russian bath

We must not forget about the recipes of the Russian bath. Fresh spruce twigs on the shelf, wonderfully fills the air with pine spirit. And if you add in a bowl of water kvas or fresh beer in the steam will smell of bread. Eucalyptus infusion is used for freshness. The therapeutic effect of mint, birch and basswood, as well as thyme, chamomile and oregano. Delicate aromas fill the room and allow you to breathe easily even under high heat. But if dissolved in water teaspoon roasted dry mustard, then, no flu, not overcome, not to mention cold.

A broom like a fan

Before entering the steam room, you need to soak the broom in a basin of hot water to sasparilla, become soft and fragrant. Then you need to rinse under the shower without soap and a bast. Otherwise the heat will dry out the skin and after a bath she will pull together, begin to itch.

Now you need to wear a cap so as not to overheat the head and you can go to the steam room. But it is not necessary to bathe immediately, you can first sit or lie down, to get used to the heat and to sweat well. Then you need to go to the dressing room and relax a bit there. And only then, grabbing a broom and gloves, you can go on the upper shelves . Broom first you need to raise to the top, just dry it that way. Birch branches should be moist, but not wet. It is possible to start.

Steam better together - better. At the beginning of the process to soar continuously and smoothly from the back to the legs and back, periodically opagiffa lying so that he could feel the breeze. Once on the back of someone soar, the sweat, add energy to the actions, and then grind partner a broom as a washcloth. After this you need to hover the stomach and chest. On the heart area would be good to put a washcloth dipped in cold water, so as not to overload the heart. Now you can start the action in the same sequence.

After the procedure, do not abruptly jump out of the regiment. You need to gently get up, sit a bit and then gently down a lounger on the bottom shelf. And rest is already here, despite the fact that I can't wait to jump out of the steam room. In a case haste is not needed.

The final stage

After the pair can be little to stand in the shower so that the water collected from the skin all pulled out on its surface pairs. And only now you can take a washcloth, pre-steam it in soapy water. In the pelvis, where it gets wet, you can throw birch leaves, some grass, useful to drip infusion. Lather the body needs a sweeping circular movements, clockwise. Head to wash it gently, fingering the hair with your fingers. You can do it in water where it was soaked birch twigs. Hair will become silky, healthy, will increase their growth.

After a bath is good to drink tea with melted milk, cool kvass or juice, to maintain a balance. But beer and vodka is better left to another occasion. Alcohol and bath — compatible.