First, donate blood for estradiol on an empty stomach. The last meal should be no later than 8 hours ago. Of liquids before testing can only drink water. If possible, exclude from food fried, fatty and, of course, alcohol for one or two days before the procedure . If suddenly the day before the tests you were a participant in the feast, the procedure to transfer one or two days.
To spoil the blood test can also Smoking, so an hour before blood is better not to smoke. Blood samples for estradiol prohibited after physiotherapy, x-ray and rectal examination. To study the results were more correct, you should take a blood test in the same hospital and at the same time.
You should also avoid physical activity: running, climbing stairs. Before the procedure, sit in the waiting room ten to fifteen minutes to come to rest.
There is still the need to consider the reception of any medicines. If this is the case, then you can take crovie to estradiol only in ten or fifteen days after the end of treatment.
If the blood for hormones losing women of reproductive age, it should be noted that the result of the analysis is affected by the stage of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, before blood estradiol specify the phase of the cycle, and also notify the doctor about all the features of the menstrual cycle.
For more accurate blood tests before donation check for the existence in the organism of various infections that also have an impact on the result of the analysis. To date, laboratory tests are necessary when obvious symptoms of the disease yet. After all, the blood test provides early warning of danger and gives an opportunity not to miss their chance in case of serious diseases.