You will need
  • - consultation of the doctor.
Sorbitol is found in apples, apricots, and mountain ash. However, keep in mind that the sweetener by 50% calorie of sugar, so if you need to lose weight before use of sorbitol, talk to your doctor. In other cases, eat 30 to 40g per day. If taken more than the recommended norms, it can cause bloating, indigestion and nausea.
If you suffer with diabetes, before starting the use of sorbitol, talk with your doctor. Based on the test results, he will recommend the regimen of the product. However, to avoid allergic reactions and to establish individual tolerance, it is better to start with small doses. Start with 10g of sorbitol per day. Observe your health 24 hours. If everything is in order, increase the dose to 15g per day. With good endurance sweetener bring the amount of sorbitol to 30-40g per day. If the dosage you have nausea, heartburn, diarrhea or bloating, discontinue use of the product. Go to the doctor and tell about side effects. He will reduce the dose or even cancel the drug. In most cases with dose reduction are all side effects.
If you suffer from diseases of the bowel, and you have constipation, use of sorbitol in the form of a 10% solution. Take from 30 to 100ml, 30 minutes before meals or one hour after a meal. To drink the drug 2-3 times a day. Before taking sorbitol go to the doctor. Depending on your age and weight he will recommend you the most appropriate dose.
Sorbitol has a choleretic effect. Therefore, it is used for the treatment of cholecystitis and other diseases of the biliary tract. Consume the drug in the form of a 10-15% solution. Drink 50-75 ml 3 times a day. Before using the product consult a doctor. Based on the test results and the severity of the disease, he will prescribe dosage and recommend a mode of treatment.