You will need
  • Tools, car speakers, wire, sealant, nails or screws.
Pick speakers for car. Niva - pretty budget machine, so you should not buy expensive models of speakers. Also decide on the amount and type of purchased speakers. If you want to achieve maximum sound quality, then buy separate speakers for low and high tones. Models differ from each other in size. It is necessary to choose, based on the data of the car.
Driving the car into the garage. Apply the Parking brake. Open the hood, remove the spare wheel and remove the negative terminal from the battery. This is to prevent short circuit. Open maximum door in which to install the speakers. You need to buy or to make yourself a catwalk - a special small box in which there will be a column. Carefully remove the door trim. Attach the podium to the bottom with nails or screws. Between the podium and the cladding lay the sealant to vibration from the music they had not issued a rattle.
From the radio output wires so that they came to the door. Between the door and wing technical hole. Through him, you need to thread the wire, attaching pre-sharp edges on the rubber gasket. Leave a little wire to the door quietly opened and closed until it stops. Connect the wires to the column and install the cover back. Since the other door will do exactly the same. To install the rear speakers, they need to punch in the regiment. Run the wiring either through the Central tunnel or under the skin on the floor.