Advice 1: How to prepare buckwheat

Buckwheat — a familiar and beloved side dish. Recently a large spread of different diets on the basis of buckwheat. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle claim that buckwheat does not have to cook and it will be much more useful if it is just to brew. How and what to brew — it all depends on what product you want to get a result.
How to prepare buckwheat
You will need
    • buckwheat
    • salt
    • boiling water
    • yogurt — if you want to diet and health dish
Before cooking grains should be through. Buckwheat often come across the pebbles. If a pebble gets into your porridge, you could even break a tooth. So carefully inspect the rump and separate all impurities.
Rinse enumerated cereals - buckwheat is often dusty. It is better not to wash in the colander, through holes in which small grains often drop out. Go to sleep buckwheat in some kind of container and fill it with water. Small specks and extraneous seeds float and can be easily drained along with the water. Repeat this up until the drained water will not be transparent.
Take buckwheat and pour it with boiling water to 1 Cup grits 2 cups boiling water. If you are going to cook a side dish, on the bottom of the dish need to put salt. If you want you can add salt instead of a dry seasoning and crushed dried herbs. But if you are preparing the dish for "diet", then salt is not needed. After pouring boiling water a bowl of porridge for the future it is best to wrap up in a blanket in pillow, you can just cover with a towel. For several hours the buckwheat will absorb water, swell and you will get a crumbly mess. You can do it in the evening and in the morning everything will be ready. Or Vice versa, brewing cereals in the morning for a side dish for dinner. You will just reheat the dish and if you want to add oil. In such a buckwheat retains all the nutrients and vitamins.
You can fill buckwheat with boiling water and yogurt, and then get a diet and even medical dish. Put in a glass with 1-2 tablespoons of cereal and fill to the top with yogurt. Again, as in the first case, you can do it in the morning and then by evening you will get a light dinner. Or pour buckwheat with kefir for the night — Breakfast is ready. It is believed that this dish is very useful for diabetics. It also normalizes digestion and beneficial for constipation. Buckwheat contains a lot of iron, so that the use of this dish improves hemoglobin.
Useful advice
For brewing Greci quite suitable flask, wide neck, so it may be easier to get the finished product. The proportions of water and rice is the same. When using a thermos, you'll wrap the dishes with the future course and not have to reheat the porridge before serving.
If instead of buckwheat-unground cereals to take-slipped (she crushed grains), such a mess when brewing is ready even faster.
Before cooking the prepared buckwheat can fry on a dry pan. It is believed that cereal grains such has a special nutty flavor.

Advice 2: How to cook buckwheat with meat

Buckwheat with meat can be cooked in different ways, and every housewife used to cook this dish for your special recipe. But there are some General rules: cooking in the pot or roaster, and buckwheat is supposed to be necessarily loose.
How to cook buckwheat with meat
You will need
    • Buckwheat - 2 cups;
    • meat - 300-500 g;
    • one large onion;
    • one major Morkovin;
    • sunflower oil.
Cut the meat into small pieces.
Grate the carrots and onions.
Put the meat on the preheated cauldron. Cook for about 30 minutes.
Fry the meat, put the grated carrots and onions. Let all this stew for 5 more minutes.
Put your buckwheat and add water so that all were in the water and stir.
Tightly close the cauldron lid. Cook for 15 minutes. The water should all be absorbed into the buckwheat.
Then, when ready, stir again and place on plates
Buckwheat tends to adhere to the wall of the cauldron, so you need to monitor and continuously to mix it up.
Useful advice
As a Supplement to a dish, you can use mayonnaise or ketchup in General for everybody.

Advice 3: Like steamed buckwheat

Buckwheat – a product rich in valuable minerals. It contains significant amounts of copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, fluorine, magnesium, vitamin B9 and others. Very important is the fact that in the cultivation of buckwheat, almost no use of fertilizers and pesticides, because the culture is unpretentious to soils and is not afraid of weeds. The presence in buckwheat large amount of fiber makes it a great product for those who want to lose weight. The main thing – to prepare it so that in the process of cooking buckwheat does not lose its beneficial properties.
Buckwheat is one of the most traditional and useful products
You will need
    • buckwheat 1 Cup;
    • water– 2.5 Cup;
    • metal pot with lid or a thermos.
Take 1 Cup (approx 300 grams) buckwheat. Go through it carefully, removing stones and debris. Rinse the buckwheat to clean water.
Put prepared buckwheat into a pot. Fill it to 2.5-3 cups of hot water temperature of around 60-80 degrees. Wrap a warm towel or blanket and leave for at least 4 hours, but preferably 8 hours. Instead of pots you can use a thermos with a wide neck. Of course, it is not necessary to wrap in a warm towel.
Once the buckwheat is ready, eat it like a normal buckwheat. Do not forget to use add salt or other spices.
Useful advice
Buckwheat diet is one of the most effective to date. From allowed foods – steamed buckwheat (without salt) and fat-free yogurt. The diet 12 days, for which you can easily lose 4-5 pounds.
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