You will need
    • buckwheat
    • salt
    • boiling water
    • yogurt — if you want to diet and health dish
Before cooking grains should be through. Buckwheat often come across the pebbles. If a pebble gets into your porridge, you could even break a tooth. So carefully inspect the rump and separate all impurities.
Rinse enumerated cereals - buckwheat is often dusty. It is better not to wash in the colander, through holes in which small grains often drop out. Go to sleep buckwheat in some kind of container and fill it with water. Small specks and extraneous seeds float and can be easily drained along with the water. Repeat this up until the drained water will not be transparent.
Take buckwheat and pour it with boiling water to 1 Cup grits 2 cups boiling water. If you are going to cook a side dish, on the bottom of the dish need to put salt. If you want you can add salt instead of a dry seasoning and crushed dried herbs. But if you are preparing the dish for "diet", then salt is not needed. After pouring boiling water a bowl of porridge for the future it is best to wrap up in a blanket in pillow, you can just cover with a towel. For several hours the buckwheat will absorb water, swell and you will get a crumbly mess. You can do it in the evening and in the morning everything will be ready. Or Vice versa, brewing cereals in the morning for a side dish for dinner. You will just reheat the dish and if you want to add oil. In such a buckwheat retains all the nutrients and vitamins.
You can fill buckwheat with boiling water and yogurt, and then get a diet and even medical dish. Put in a glass with 1-2 tablespoons of cereal and fill to the top with yogurt. Again, as in the first case, you can do it in the morning and then by evening you will get a light dinner. Or pour buckwheat with kefir for the night — Breakfast is ready. It is believed that this dish is very useful for diabetics. It also normalizes digestion and beneficial for constipation. Buckwheat contains a lot of iron, so that the use of this dish improves hemoglobin.